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TLC’s Little People, Big World fans still keep up with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. The couple chose to leave the show years ago, but they share their lives with their followers online. Recently, Audrey had a strange response when a fan asked what kind of birth control she uses. Here’s what the reality star said.

How old are Audrey Roloff’s kids? She and Jeremy Roloff have 3

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from 'Little People, Big World' smiling against a bookcase
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have three young children. The ex-Little People, Big World stars have Ember, 5, Bode, 2, and Radley, 1, making them a family of five.

Jeremy and Audrey have been outspoken about their want for a large family. Audrey spoke to Us Weekly about her desires when Radley was born.

“We’ve always said we wanted to have a big family, and I do feel like my body [is] totally recovered now,” Audrey said. “I’m a year out. Bode — he just had his 1st birthday. So we want to have more kids sometime soon in the near future.”

Audrey also recently posted an ode to “marriages with young children” to Instagram. She and Jeremy know it’s not always easy to make each other a priority with little kids running around, but they’re both adamant about maintaining a healthy relationship.

“When our kids get older, I hope our ‘lock it in’ cheers is a visual memory of how much we loved each other through celebrating the little things,” she wrote. “I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since you knocked on my parent’s front door and I answered in my sports bra covered in mud …. Thanks for looking past first impressions, babe.”

The ex-Little People, Big World star responded strangely to fans asking about her birth control usage

Audrey Roloff frequently answers questions from Little People, Big World fans. She took to Instagram in February 2023 to answer one fan who asked, “What form of birth control do you use?”

According to a Reddit screenshot, Audrey answered the question with a series of squiggly-faced emojis. Some fans believed that this means Audrey doesn’t use birth control.

“Does this mean she doesn’t take birth control?” a fan questioned.

Other fans think the highly-personal question was not something Audrey would want to answer online, thus the reason behind the strange response.

“She didn’t have to answer if she thought it was too personal of a question to ask,” a fan wrote. “Her response is purely attention-seeking.”

“[To be honest] I interpret this to mean she doesn’t want to answer,” another fan mentioned. “I mean, [birth control] is a personal topic. I wouldn’t go around asking someone about their medications they take.”

“Given her religious beliefs, there’s probably zero chance she’s on any form of hormonal birth control, but [I don’t know] if that’s what she’s trying to convey with this response,” another fan noted.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have strict religious views


‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Struggle With ‘Connecting Emotionally’

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been very outspoken regarding their beliefs. The Little People, Big World couple have a covenant marriage, making it more challenging to get a divorce if they ever wanted one. The couple described the marriages as “undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based.”

Additionally, Audrey said that she doesn’t support same-sex marriages due to her religious beliefs. The reality star also didn’t approve of CoverGirl having a “CoverBoy” featured in the magazine, which went against traditional gender norms.

It’s unclear whether Audrey will truly address her birth control methods after fans question her on Instagram. But fans should expect her and Jeremy to continue growing their family.

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