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Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo might just be America’s most famous psychic medium. Whether by watching her TLC show, attending one of her live performances, or reading one of her best-selling books, millions of people have connected with Caputo, who claims to be able to speak to the dead.

Caputo has been a practicing medium for more than a decade, according to her website. She says that she is “grateful for an ability that’s brought countless people comfort and joy, helped many believe in an afterlife, led others to trust that their loved ones are safe and at peace, and shown them that those souls are guiding, encouraging, and loving them from the Other Side.”

Is Theresa Caputo really a psychic medium?

True believers don’t doubt Caputo’s ability to communicate with the spirit world. She’s even managed to convince some disbelieving journalists she’s for real. Stephanie Robbins of Broadcasting & Cable interviewed Caputo in 2011, and came away convinced she was a true psychic.

“Some of the details she revealed relating to my mom and family were so personal and specific she could never have known about them,” she wrote. “It’s one thing to see it on her reality show, but quite another to experience it firsthand … I was transformed into a believer.”

But skeptics aren’t afraid to call her a fraud. “Caputo is a damn good performer, and she’s got undeniably likeable sass and charisma,” wrote a reviewer who attended one her events. “I just don’t think she speaks with the dead.”

How to get an appointment with Theresa Caputo

The best way to judge whether Caputo is legitimate or a huckster is to get a reading yourself. But doing so won’t be easy. Due to her popularity, you can’t simply call her up and book an appointment.

“I was booked for two years before the show first aired, and in addition to that I had a very extended waiting list,” Caputo says on her website. “The people that have emailed, written in or filled out the online form have been added to that list. Unfortunately being on this list does not guarantee an appointment.”

You can fill out a form requesting a reading with Caputo, but your odds of being selected depend on a number of factors – including your willingness to be on TV.

“The people featured on Long Island Medium are selected from all of the lists,” her website explains. “Factors include location, availability, and who feels comfortable being on television are taken into consideration.”

As of 2014, Caputo’s readings cost between $50 and $175, depending on whether it’s a private or group reading. All the money goes to charity. Occasionally, TLC runs contests where the prize is a free reading with Caputo.

Other ways to see Theresa Caputo live

A one-on-one reading isn’t the only way to get insights from the Long Island Medium. You can also see her in-person at one of her many live events, where she does readings for random audience members.

Caputo is currently on tour, with dates through February 2019. She’ll be visiting Phoenix; Washington, D.C.; Atlantic City; Rancho Mirage, California; Hollywood, Florida, and other cities across the U.S. Tickets range in price, but usually start at around $60 to $70 per person. People who join Caputo’s fan club for $19.99 a year get access to event pre-sales, meet and greet contests, and other perks.

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