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Love Is Blind star Jessica Vestal joined a number of other cast-members on the same quest for love. And although she’s had a somewhat turbulent time on the show, Jessica wouldn’t mind doing the whole thing all over again.

Jessica doesn’t regret her time on the show

A picture of Jessica Vestal on the television show 'Love Is Blind'.
Jessica Vestal in an episode of Love Is Blind. Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

This article contains potential spoilers for ‘Love Is Blind’

It’s yet to be revealed which one of the Love Is Blind cast members will go the distance. So far, Netflix has released 11 of season 6’s 12 episodes. The season finale will air on Feb. 28, finally clarifying where a lot of the show’s relationships will stand.

But even some of the show’s single contestants, who couldn’t find a suitable partner, continue to have a presence in the show. Sarah Ann, who formed a close connection with Jeramey, recently found herself caught in the middle of Jeramey’s current relationship with Laura. Meanwhile, even after Jessica’s departure from the pods, she was at the center of an argument Jimmy had with Chelsea. Audiences remember Jimmy being in a love-triangle with Jessica and Chelsea earlier in the season, with Jimmy ultimately choosing the latter.

Jessica didn’t mince words when Jimmy told her his decision when they were back in the pods. She unloaded her frustrations on Jimmy’s indecisiveness, warning him that he might regret his decision. Still, the outcome was difficult for Jessica, who was shown breaking down in front of her Love Is Blind co-stars.

With the final episode still not released, Jessica and Jimmy’s story is still pending. But despite the heartbreak, Jessica recently confided that she didn’t regret her time on the show. And like her co-stars AD and Amy, she’d be willing to take the risk again and relive the experience.

“It taught me so much about myself, and leading with vulnerability, and that aspect of completely connecting emotionally before physically. I think so many people don’t realize how important that is,” she told Extra.

Her co-star Amy also chimed in with why she wouldn’t mind repeating Love Is Blind.

“I feel like in our generation, we put the physical first. And that’s not the most important thing. And so, I feel like having the safe space where we can get as deep as we wanted to just really allowed connection to form organically,” Amy said.

Likewise, AD felt Love Is Blind offered a different type of dating experience that couldn’t be duplicated in the real world.

“There’s questions you would never ask on a first date, and having those opportunities behind that wall to just kind of let that go, and be like, ‘Well, I want to get married to you,’ and it not be a weird thing, it just allowed so much openness and realness,” she said.

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Although Jessica doesn’t regret her time in the pods, she does wish she could change one specific moment. The executive assistant didn’t have the opportunity to talk to Chelsea before the engagement. Looking back on it, Jessica would try to offer Chelsea more support if she could do things differently.

“I wish that Chelsea and I would’ve had the opportunity to have a conversation before she got engaged. I wish I would’ve been able to tell her my over-the-moon excitement and love and support that I have for her,” she recently told E! News.

Chelsea and Jessica seem to be on good terms after Love Is Blind. But the final episode of the show hints at their love triangle continuing and coming to a head before the season closes.