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Love is Blind fans were shocked to discover that Season 3’s SK cheated on Raven after their reconcilaition. Two women came forward on social media to allege they’d been in relationships with SK before, during, and after filming of the Netflix experiment. He denied such, but the video evidence was overwhelming. Now, Raven says SK admitted to her that he not only cheated, but that he was never attracted to her.

'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' star Raven addresses SK cheating on her in the third episode. Raven and SK are seen here hugging at the reunion.
‘After the Altar’ star Raven addresses SK cheating on her in the final episode. | Cr. Sara Mally/Netflix © 2022

Raven confirms her and SK split after cheating scandal

SK said no at the altar, leaving Raven heartbroken. But it wans’t enough heartbreak to keep them apart. They continued communicating and rekindle their relationship months later, and were even planning a wedding.

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During the After the Altar special, SK re-proposed to Raven in a touching scene. “We’ve always done things our very own way, without fear of what everyone else thinks,” he said after he got down on one knee. “Our love has flourished in the most unimaginable way, and I can’t wait to continue writing the story. I commit to you my very best self, I commit to love you and let you grow without borders. I commit to let you flourish without limits and love you til the very end. Raven Michelle, will you marry me again?” A tearful Raven happily accepted. Months later, SK’s cheating scandal hit the internet.

In a video interview with producers that aired during the end of the After the Altar special, Raven updated them on her single life. “Since then, a lot has changed. My world is completely different because, you know, SK cheated on me, and now our relationship is over,” she said. “It’s so crazy to watch it back and, like, remember my feelings then. … I was so happy. I really was so invested in the person that everyone saw, and everyone loved, like, that’s the person that I saw, and I loved every day too. So, to see everything that has happened since then is so hard because that was not the person that I thought that I was with.”

The ‘Love is Blind’ star says SK told her he was not attracted to her

Intitlaly, Raven says she believed SK’s version of events: that the first woman to come forward was just a friend, and that the second was his ex, but there was not cheating or overlap in the relaitonships involved. However, as more information came forward, Raven says she no longer believed him. 

Source: YouTube

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The most hurtful part of things is that Raven says SK became overly critical of her looks throughout their relationship. Once he admitted that he cheated, she says he told her flatout that he was not attracted to her. 

“We had basically lived together the entire summer, we had our apartment and anything I would wear, it was just always something. And then sending the picture [of another woman on Instagram] — it was always these girls that looked nothing like me,” she claimed during in interview on the Viall Files podcast. “I was so sad, and I even started to say to him, ‘You don’t really like me, you don’t like the way that I look.’ … And then when all of these girls came out, and more of the critics were like, ‘Raven, he doesn’t even like girls that look like you. He never liked you to begin with.’ I’m like, ‘Little do y’all know that was something I was bringing up.’ … In the end, he basically admitted it [and] said, ‘You’re not my type. I’m not attracted to you.’”