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The Love Is Blind Season 6 weddings have come and gone, but the drama is far from over. Days after the shocking finale, Netflix dropped a trailer for what’s sure to be an explosive reunion. One cast member admits he made a mistake, another gets grilled about an outside-the-pods relationship, and someone else denies being a “pick-me girl.” 

So, who will be on stage with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey for the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion? And when will you be able to watch all the drama unfold? We have all the details you need to know about the upcoming Netflix special. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 6.]  

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 reunion trailer teases explosive drama

Love Is Blind Season 6 ended with one happily married couple – that would be the adorable Johnny and Amy – and several broken hearts. Jimmy and Chelsea weren’t able to overcome their issues, including her insecurity and his frustration that she didn’t respect his boundaries. They broke up before the wedding. Clay and AD made it all the way to the altar before he backed out at the last minute, leaving his bride-to-be devastated. 

Clay and AD’s breakup was hard to watch, with many viewers wondering what Clay was thinking by letting AD go. He seems to be having second thoughts as well. 

“She’s honestly the love of my life,” he says in the reunion teaser (via YouTube). “I did make a mistake.” 

Sarah Ann, Jimmy, Trevor, and Jess sitting on the couch at the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion
Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski, Trevor Sova, and Jessica Vestal of ‘Love is Blind’ | Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

The controversial Sarah Ann and Jeramey are also at the reunion. In the trailer, she vigorously defends herself against accusations that she’s a “pick-me girl.” 

“I’m a pick-me girl? You’re the pick-me girl,” she says. 

Meanwhile, there are gasps all around when Trevor makes his entrance. His pod romance with Chelsea didn’t take flight. Now, Nick Lachey is asking some tough questions about rumors he was dating another woman while filming the show. 

On a lighter note, Love Is Blind Season 1 star Giannina Gibelli has a question for Johnny and Amy, whose concerns about birth control were a major part of their story. (Amy was not on hormonal birth control, and he was terrified of her getting pregnant, which meant they didn’t consummate their relationship prior to the wedding.)

“Were condoms not an option?” Gibelli asks. 

Which season 6 cast members are attending the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion?

Chelesa, Jimmy, Kenneth and Brittany sitting on a couch at the 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 reunion
Chelsea Blackwell, Jimmy Presnell, Brittany Mills, and Kenneth Gorham of ‘Love is Blind’ | Greg Gayne/Netflix © 2024

As usual, this Love Is Blind reunion will feature some expected faces as well as special guests. These are the cast members who are confirmed to be attention the reunion 

  • Amy Cortes 
  • Johnny McIntyre
  • AD Smith
  • Clay Gravesande 
  • Jimmy Presnell
  • Chelsea Blackwell
  • Jess Vestal
  • Kenneth Goham
  • Brittany Mills
  • Jeramey Lutinski
  • Sarah Ann Bick
  • Trevor Sova
  • Laura Dadisman (via video)

A number of Love Is Blind alums from previous seasons will also be at the reunion, including  Alexa Alfia Lemieux, Brennon Lemieux, Colleen Reed, and Matt Bolton from season 3; Kwame Appiah, Chelsea Griffin Appiah, Brett Brown, Tiffany Pennywell Brown, and Micah Lussier from season 4, and season 5’s Izzy Zapata.

The Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion episode releases on Netflix on Wednesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. 

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