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Love Island USA has returned with a new set of Islanders looking to find love. Here’s where you can find the season 4 cast on Instagram.

Where to find the ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 cast on Instagram

Andy Voyen

Andy is a 23-year-old Minneapolis-based realtor and model. His Instagram handle is @andyvoyen.

Courtney Boerner

Initially from Winter Park, Florida, Courtney Boerner is a 24-year-old stylist based in Los Angeles. Her Instagram handle is @courtnneylynn.

Deborah ‘Deb’ Chubb

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Deb, a 26-year-old personal assistant, currently lives in Redondo Beach, California. Her Instagram handle is @debchubb.

Felipe Gomes

Felipe, 32, was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and was previously a professional soccer player. He currently lives in Dubai, where he works as a model. His Instagram handle is @felipevgms.

Isaiah Campbell

Initially from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Isaiah is a 21-year-old Delray, Florida-based waiter. His Instagram handle is @zayycamp.

Jesse Bray

Jesse is a 27-year-old Springfield, Ohio-based courier who has since relocated to Houston, Texas. His Instagram handle is @jesselamontbray.

Sereniti Springs

Initially based in Clovis, California, Sereniti Springs, a 28-year-old bartender, currently lives in New Orleans. Her Instagram handle is @serenitisprings.

Sydney Paight

The 22-year-old Houston, Texas-based operations manager currently lives in LA. Her Instagram handle is @sydneypaight.

Timmy Pandolfi

Initially from New York City, Timmy, 29, is now living in LA, where he works as a personal trainer and real estate agent. His Instagram handle is @timmyswerve13.

Zeta Morrison

Born and raised in Surrey, England, Zeta has also relocated to LA. The 29-year-old is a babysitter and model. Her Instagram handle is @iamzetamorrison.

Mady McLanahan

Mady is a 26-year-old Dallas, Texas, based social media marketer and has developed a sizable following on TikTok. Her Instagram handle is @madymclanahan.

Valerie ‘Val’ Bragg

The 23-year-old was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica but has since relocated to Florida, where she works as a nutritional consultant. Her Instagram handle is @valebragg.

Tyler Radziszewski

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Tyler, 23, recently obtained his degree in Exercise Science – Pre OT from Bowling Green State University and is currently studying for his Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy. His Instagram handle is @tradz47.

Who are the current couples in ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4?

The original couples included Andy and Courtney, Deb and Jesse, Felipe and Sereniti, Isaiah and Sydney, and Zeta and Timmy.

When Mady and Val entered the villa that night, they were given a day before deciding which guy they would steal and couple up with, leaving his original partner single. Courtney and Andy were already off to a rocky start, as she didn’t like his status as a self-proclaimed mama’s boy, so it didn’t matter to her when Mady stole him away. She began pursuing Felipe, whose partner Serenti had already admitted she didn’t feel a romantic connection.

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However, Val’s choice shook up the villa as Jesse and Deb established a strong bond. Although he initially claimed he wanted to pursue Val, the Houston native admitted he still had unresolved feelings for Deb. The ladies talked and realized Jesse told them the same thing, leading to her confronting him.

Additionally, new Islander Tyler Radziszewski has joined the mix and already made quite the impression on a few ladies. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.