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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Episode 6.]

Following six days into Love Island USA Season 4, the male Islanders must decide on who they want to couple up with, dumping one girl from the villa. Who was the first girl eliminated?

Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison

The pair coupled during the first day and have only strengthened their connection the most out of anyone in the house. Timmy Pandolfi selected first and chose Zeta Morrison, citing her as someone he could continue growing with in the future.

Felipe Gomes and Courtney Boerner

Initially, Felipe Gomes and Sereniti Springs coupled up, but she quickly friend-zoned him. Courtney, who distanced herself from Andy Voyen after he admitted to being a mama’s boy, began pursuing Felipe afterward. The two have since gotten close. Felipe chose Courtney as his new partner, noting he feels a connection with her before finishing complimenting her in his native Portuguese. 

Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb

Jesse Bray picked next and chose Deb Chubb as he recently admitted to his current partner, Valerie Braggs. When Val entered the villa, she stole Jesse from Deb to couple up with her. Even though he wanted to pursue Val, the Houston native still had feelings for Deb, putting him in a tough spot. He told both ladies he considered them his number one, which they figured out after having a conversation. Val confronted Jesse about it, and he revealed he planned to choose Deb at the recoupling. When picking her, Jesse told Deb that he continues to fall for her more every day.

Andy Voyen and Sydney Paight

Although Andy was happy in his couple with Mady McLanahan, he admitted he didn’t feel a spark with her. Therefore, he began conversing with Sydney Paight, who revealed she would also be interested in pursuing something if she weren’t coupled up with Isaiah Campbell. Even though they didn’t want to ruin their current connections, Andy didn’t want to have any regrets and chose Sydney, shocking the villa and Isaiah, who seemingly didn’t know.

Isaiah Campbell and Mady McLanahan

Isaiah followed Andy, clearly bothered by the choice, especially as Sydney recently announced that he wanted to make her his girlfriend. The two hit a rough patch early into their coupling when Sydney felt Isaiah tried to change her. Even so, they managed to work past it and seemed on a good page. Regardless, Isaiah claimed he wanted to see if there was a future with Mady and picked her.

Tyler Radziszewski and Sereniti Springs


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The newest addition to the cast, Tyler Radziszewski, went last and had to choose between Sereniti and Val, the two girls he connected with the most in the villa so far. Before the recoupling ceremony, he went on a date with both ladies and had good conversations with both of them. However, Tyler ultimately decided on Sereniti, noting she brought out a different side of him. His choice resulted in Val becoming the first Islander dumped from the villa. Love Island airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.