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While much of the OWN reality television series Love & Marriage: Huntsville has focused on the marital drama between Martell and Melody Holt (now Shari), there are several other couples and cast members that round out the show. One half of the Scott family dynasty is semi-newlyweds, Maurice and Kimmi Scott. The couple wed in Season 1 and have chronicled their blended family ever since. Fans were stunned to learn of Kimmi’s cancer diagnosis. She’s sharing her story in hopes that it helps someone else.

'Love and Marriage Huntsville's' Melody Shari and Kimmi Scott; Kimmi revealed her cancer diagnosis
‘Love and Marriage Huntsville’s’ Melody Shari and Kimmi Scott filming lunch scene

Kimmi Scott shares medical concern on ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

The reality star is a long-time dedicated nurse. During Season 4, Ep. 24, she revealed that she was undergoing testing after discovering a lump in her breast. Initially, she admits she was hesitant to schedule a mammogram because of her nursing background and didn’t want to assume the worst. But after checking again, she discovered two lumps in total. 

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A tearful Kimmi talks to her husband about what the news can mean. She admits she suppressed all thoughts regarding the situation to try and remain strong for her loved ones, but the possibility of cancer is very real and frightening. 

Maurice lets her know that it’s OK for her to release whatever emotions. He assures her he’ll be with her every step of the way. 

The reality star confirms breast cancer diagnosis

In Ep. 25, Maurice drives Kimmi to the hospital for her biopsy appointment. Despite feeling nervous and saddened that she’s in this position, she tries to stay positive. Maurice says a prayer before walking into the hospital. 

Source: YouTube

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The results can come as early as 24 hours, and she receives them pretty quickly. Kimmi and Maurice are scheduled to attend their niece’s birthday party, but after receiving the biopsy results earlier in the day, she opts not to attend and instead drops off a gift. 

She tells her sister-in-law that she’s diagnosed with stage 2, triple-negative breast cancer. While it’s not the news she was hoping to hear, the prognosis of survival is good due to early detection. Through tears, she vows to remain positive.  

She thanks fans for the outpouring of support

Kimmi has been a fan favorite from the start of the show. Fans consider her to be the cast member who remains drama free and level-headed. Since sharing the news, she’s gotten tons of support and recently penned a beautiful note of thanks on her Instagram account.

“I, for real, can’t explain how grateful I am for the insane amount of success stories, love, support, gifts, epiphanies (to schedule mammogram) and prayers. Love from people who have become my #LAMH family is unmatched. This is crazy! Y’all crying over me and I’m crying over the outpouring of y’all. My heart is overflowing,” she wrote in part.

She also shared an update, noting that she remains in treatment but is positive she’ll be cancer free soon. “I’ve noticed a lot of people realize the show is filmed months in advance and was in search of a quick update. But God, I’m doing well!! I’m still on the first leg of this triathlon and mean mugging that light at the end of this tunnel something bad,” she added.