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Four American women tried to find love on the new reality TV show. Love Trip: Paris ends with all of them making two important decisions. Will the four ladies continue a relationship they found through the show? And will they return home or stay in Paris? Here are the couples who stayed together in the finale.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Love Trip: Paris finale, “Endless Love.”]

Lacy Hartselle, Josielyn Aguilera, Caroline Renner, and Rose Zilla-Ba sit together and cheers with champagne on 'Love Trip: Paris'.
Lacy Hartselle, Josielyn Aguilera, Caroline Renner, and Rose Zilla-Ba on ‘Love Trip: Paris’ | Freeform/Calvo Bruno

Rose Zilla-Ba and Simon

After Rose Zilla-Ba was warned on the app that someone was there to go to the United States, she asked Simon if that was his goal. “I think in my life I want to go back to the U.S.” he answered. This disappointed her.

“I’ve decided to stay in Paris and to move here,” she revealed. Zilla-Ba took out her ring and said she couldn’t give it to him to propose. She will be staying in Paris alone.

Josielyn Aguilera and Patrick

Patrick and Josielyn Aguilera sit together at a bar on 'Love Trip: Paris'.
Patrick and Josielyn Aguilera on ‘Love Trip: Paris’ | Freeform/Adeline Lulo

The model met with Patrick at a restaurant. Josielyn Aguilera realized she wasn’t ready for love through this journey. But she fell in love with Paris.

She decided to continue to date Patrick. However, it sounds like she’ll be returning to her life in the states. “Josielyn and I just met, so I cannot really expect her to stay with me,” he said. “But I feel like very lucky and so happy that Josielyn decided to continue to date me.”

Caroline Renner and Lisa

Lisa Albouke looks at Caroline Renner and smiles on 'Love Trip: Paris'.
Lisa Aboulke and Caroline Renner on ‘Love Trip: Paris’ | Freeform/Calvo Bruno

Lisa Aboulke asked Renner what she was looking for in this experience. “I have always wanted to find love,” she answered. “And I’ve always wanted somebody to know me and see me. And I’ve done a lot of healing and a lot of self-growth and self-work over the last year and a half. But I knew I was coming here to find love.”

Aboulke said she wanted to find someone who would accept her. “You just bring to me something special,” she said. 

Renner already showed her commitment by tattooing Lisa’s name on her fingers. She told Lisa she wanted to move to Paris and be with her. Lisa gave her a ring and asked if she wanted to be her girlfriend. Renner said yes, and they kissed.

Lacy Hartselle picks Bastien 

Lacy Hartselle and Bastien sit on a rooftop front of the Eiffel Tower on 'Love Trip: Paris'.
Lacy Hartselle and Bastien on ‘Love Trip: Paris’ | Freeform/Calvo Bruno

The finale ended with Lacy Hartselle meeting Bastien Buffat in front of the Eiffel Tower. “I choose you, and I choose our future together,” she told him. He told her that he was falling for her.

They decided to stay in Paris together. “I can’t wait for you to meet my family and my friends,” she told the art curator. “They’re gonna be obsessed with you. And they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh yeah, this makes sense.’”

So it looks like most of the ladies found a connection through the show. Zilla-Ba chose herself and looked forward to making Paris her new home.