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Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards are moving forward with their divorce, but they clearly don’t trust each other to keep things civil. Early this month, Standifer and Edwards faced off in a Tennessee courtroom regarding a temporary restraining order. The former Teen Mom OG star and his estranged wife have been ordered to go no contact. 

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards were ordered to stay away from each other by a Tennessee judge 

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been ordered to keep their distance. In early April, a Tennessee judge signed a mutual restraining order for the couple as their divorce case moves forward. The decision came after Standifer requested a restraining order after Edwards sent menacing messages following a meetup at her home. Standifer had an earlier restraining order against her soon-to-be-ex.

While Standifer requested a restraining order against her estranged husband in March 2024, that original request was tossed out. Instead, a judge issued a mutual restraining order. According to the Ashley Reality Roundup Group, Standifer and Edwards are not allowed to contact each other.

According to the court order, Standifer may only contact Edwards’ family to discuss issues about the two children she and Edwards share. The order also requires both Standifer and Edwards to avoid contact with the other’s romantic partners. Edwards has been publicly dating Amanda Conner, a woman he met while in rehab, since August 2023. If Standifer is currently dating someone, she is keeping it quiet. 

Shortly after news of the mutual restraining order broke, Standifer appeared to deactivate her Instagram account. She has since reactivated the account but is keeping a low profile. In the weeks before the court hearing, Standifer and Conner appeared to toss barbs at each other online. All has fallen quiet now. 

Where does the former couple’s divorce stand? 

A lot has happened in Standifer and Edwards’ lives since February 2023. In the last year, the couple split up, and Standifer filed for divorce. Edwards vandalized the home he once shared with Standifer and their two kids, spent time in jail, and ultimately went to a court-ordered rehab. In March 2023, their divorce case was dismissed due to inactivity. So, where does it stand now? 

Mackenzie (Standifer) and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom
Mackenzie (Standifer) and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom | MTV

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Standifer and Edwards are both committed to ending their marriage. In early March, Ryan Edwards filed for divorce. At the same time, Standifer tried to get the original divorce case reopened. Mediation didn’t work, and now the couple will battle it out to end their marriage. In a recent filing, Edwards requested shared custody of his two children with Standifer and demanded she pay child support and all fees associated with the divorce. The two children in question, Jagger and Stella Edwards, have lived with Standifer since the split. It is unclear when they’ll be in court next.