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Hercules never faced a challenge as great as trying to keep everyone happy while running a successful television show. Anyone who has been involved in television will quickly tell you it’s an impossible task.

The powers the be involved with a show like Madam Secretary have to keep the studio, producers, writers, actors, and fans happy. Failing to do so results in a toxic work environment, poor scripts, and lost viewers. No matter how well thought out a decision is, someone isn’t going to be happy.

A perfect example of this is how divided the fans are over the news that Alison and Jason have been cut from the Madam Secretary cast of characters.

Changes coming to ‘Madam Secretary’

Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord
Téa Leoni | Mark Schafer/CBS via Getty Images

Madam Secretary is now in it’s sixth and final season. The season comes after a time jump which has brought about big changes to the show. The jump in timeline allows the show to explore what the main character, Elizabeth McCord’s, life is like now that she’s president.

The change means more than working out of the Oval Office and getting to throw opening pitches, it also means that certain characters, including Alison and Jason, no longer play an active role in McCord’s life, at least not one that can be worked into the show’s format. 

Jason and Alison aren’t the only characters fans of the show won’t see this season. Other characters who will be missing from your screen this season include:

It’s worth noting that you might not have to say good-bye to these characters forever. While they’re no longer series regulars, there’s always a chance that they could be brought back on a guest-star basis.

The different responses fans had to Alison and Jason

 The cast cuts have created a rift amongst the show’s fans. There are three different fan camps. The first is a group of fans who trust the writers and are happy to sit back and see how the final season plays out.

The second is the group of fans who loved watching the entire cast of characters interact and grow and who currently feel cheated that they won’t get to see how the story unfolds for each of these characters whom they’ve fallen in love with. The third camp includes fans who are far more interested in McCord’s professional life and are hoping to see a lot less of her personal life during the final season.

While it’s likely that the people behind the camera spent a great deal of time trying to gauge how fans would react to losing the characters, at the end of the day, they had to do what was best for the overall storyline. They felt that the best option was letting the characters go.

What the future holds for Madam Secretary

There’s no getting around the fact that the writers are really excited about the final season of Madam Secretary. They intend on using this season to really explore how a female president differs from how a man handles the position.

Given how close women are to winning the votes of American citizens and laying claim to the presidency, this could be an exciting glimpse into the future. In addition to exploring McCord’s new position, the crew also intends to create compelling storylines around how the change impacts her husband.

Despite changing the cast of regular occurring characters, there is a good chance that this season, which will be shorter than previous seasons, may be the show’s most compelling one to date. There is certainly a great deal of potential for deep and powerful storylines that strike a chord with the American public.

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