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The original drama series, Manifest, features some well-known actors. That includes one who first starred in ABC’s drama series Once Upon a Time. Here’s what we know about Josh Dallas. 

Josh Dallas standing and looking off to the distance in 'Once Upon a Time' episodes titled 'The Final Battle Part 1 & 2'
‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes titled ‘The Final Battle Part 1 & 2’ | Jack Rowand/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Josh Dallas portrays Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’

One flight changed a family and the other passengers forever. The drama series Manifest told the story of a plane that disappeared for over 5 years, with the passengers presumed to be dead for that time. 

One of the actors in this series is Dallas, who stars as Ben Stone. In most Manifest episodes, this character acted as one of the masterminds behind deciphering the “callings.” It’s with the help of Michaela Stone, Saanvi Bahl, and his son named Cal Stone. 

Who did Josh Dallas play in ABC’s drama series, ‘Once Upon a Time’?

This actor may be best known for his starring role in multiple episodes of Once Upon a Time, ABC’s original drama series. There, Dallas starred as Snow White’s Prince Charming, also known as David Nolan in the mystical real-life town of Storybrooke. 

Prince Charming primarily appeared alongside Snow White, a teacher named Mary Margaret during her time in Storybrooke. These characters went on several adventures, some of which included their magical daughter named Emma. 

Of course, their “true love’s kiss” saved Snow White while they were back in the enchanted forest. Once Upon a Time ran for seven seasons on the television network. It ended in 2018 and is now available on Disney’s subscription service, Disney+.

This series featured appearances from other fan-favorite Disney characters. That includes Aurora, originally from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and the Mad Hatter originally in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland


It’s Fitting This Disney Character Starred in the First Few Episodes of ‘Once Upon a Time’

‘Manifest’ was canceled after its third season

Although this series was originally slated to run for six seasons, the television network, NBC, canceled it after season 3. Some hope for the return of Dallas as Ben Stone with a television movie. For others watching on Netflix, the story is just beginning.

“After Once Upon a Time, I wanted to take a little time and have a little bit of space, to rest and shake it off and find something new,” Dallas said during an interview with Collider. “I was reading a lot of different pilots for this season, and I came across Manifest, and I knew that I was in, from the moment that they got on that plane.”

“And then, when they landed 5 and a half years later, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of, and I wanted to play Ben…,” he continued. “He’s so different, in many ways, from my character on Once Upon a Time. He’s a normal human. He’s very flawed and very complex, and he’s trying to work through that.”

Episodes of Manifest are available for streaming on both Netflix and Hulu. Once Upon a Time is available for binge-watching on the rival streaming platform, Disney+.