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Second time’s a charm? Unlucky Married at First Sight groom Michael is getting another chance at love after being matched with the show’s first-ever runaway bride. While he’s yet to meet the woman who’s soon to become his wife, MAFS fans got to know her in the latest episode of the Lifetime reality show. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Jan. 10 episode of Married at First Sight Season 17.] 

Chloe is the ‘Married at First Sight’ experts’ new pick for Michael 


‘Married at First Sight’ Season 17: Another Denver Couple Calls It Quits 

Few would judge Michael if his initial Married at First Sight experience sent him running for the hills. But surprisingly, he was up for going through the process again. So, the show’s trio of experts went back to the drawing board. As they reviewed the pool of single Denver women, they focused on finding someone who would appreciate Michael’s unique look. But it was also important that she be silly and kind, qualities that Michael said he valued in a partner. 

The result? Chloe, a 39-year-old director of development for a non-profit. Not only is she a self-described “bleeding heart” who is passionate about doing good in the world, but she’s also “desperate for love,” according to Dr. Pia Holec. “She’s in this for real.” 

Will Chloe’s perfectionistic tendencies be a problem in her marriage to Michael?  

Chloe’s a driven, successful professional. The experts think she’ll appreciate Michael’s quirky style, kind, thoughtful nature, and career as a project manager in the tech industry. But no Married at First Sight pairing is without its conflicts, and one aspect of Chloe’s personality has the potential to cause problems in her marriage. 

“I’m what I consider a recovering perfectionist,” she admitted. For years, Chloe says she was focused on having “the perfect apartment, and the perfect car, and the perfect job. I spent a lot of time making sure that I never made mistakes.” 

After some reflection, Chloe says she realized she projected her perfectionistic tendencies onto past partners, which caused them to shut down and not be as open or emotionally available as she would like. Her workaholic tendencies were also sucking the fun out of life. So, she made a conscious effort to change. 

Chloe knows that for her marriage to work, she’ll have to feel safe “letting go” and allowing someone else to share her life. The adventurous and open-minded Michael seems like a good fit for her, provided she doesn’t let a desire for control to get in the way of their happiness. 

Chloe doesn’t know about Michael’s runaway bride 

While Chloe knows she’s getting married, there’s a big detail that the experts are keeping from her (other than Michael’s identity, of course). She doesn’t know that Michael was previously matched with a woman who left him at the altar. 

“We felt that telling Chloe about the unique circumstances of her marriage beforehand would create a lot of unnecessary doubt about the potential of the marriage,” MAFS expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz explained. “If she came into this marriage with uncertainty, she might put up walls that would prevent her from getting to know who Michael really is and hurt their opportunity to have a lifetime together.” 

Will Chloe and Michael find lasting love? Keep watching new episodes of Married at First Sight Season 17 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime to find out. 

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