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Henry Rodriguez and his wife Christina finally chose to get a divorce on Decision Day after a tumultuous ride on Lifetime’s Married at Sight season 11.

Henry and Christina‘s breakup – and their appearance on the Married at First Sight reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier – was nothing short of explosive, with Henry even accusing Christina of lying about a text in which a stranger claimed he had an affair with another man. Henry also insisted that Christina had attempted to blackmail him with the alleged text if he didn’t comply with her wishes for the rest of the experiment.

After his tumultuous season of Married at First Sight came to a close, fans flooded Henry’s Instagram with supportive comments.

Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez | Kinetic Content

Henry claimed Christina attempted to blackmail him

On Decision Day, the usually reserved Henry shocked many fans, and the Married at First Sight experts, with his openness about why his marriage failed.

Henry still didn’t believe that Christina had received any text suggesting he might be gay at all. But what seemed to bother him the most was how she responded to it, allegedly weaponizing her beliefs about his sexuality in an attempt to control their on-screen portrayals.

At that time, Henry thought the word “blackmail” might be a little too “dramatic” to describe what had happened. Still, the 35-year-old clinical recruiter insisted that his wife had “threatened to hold [the text] over his head” if he didn’t “play nice” in front of the cameras.

Christina, a 30-year-old flight attendant, adamantly denied Henry’s claims at first. Eventually, she admitted that she might have done so out of anger and a sense of hurt and woundedness.

Later, on the October 29 Married at First Sight reunion, Henry was even more visibly agitated with his estranged wife. Christina apologized for her behavior over the course of their brief, tumultuous marriage, but Henry admitted that he wasn’t ready to accept her apology.

Many ‘Married at First Sight’ fans praised Henry for his demeanor on the show

Henry, like several other Married at First Sight cast members, made his Instagram (@hrodrigueziv) public after the end of the season. He joked about some fans’ perceptions of him in his bio, writing, “Apparently awkward. Apparently can’t communicate. Apparently have no personality. HELP!”

In a new Instagram post, he also celebrated his willingness to become more adventurous and conquer his fears with time. Fans took to Henry’s comments with praise, offering messages of support.

Many Married at First Sight fans were especially impressed with Henry’s willingness to keep calm throughout the harrowing four months of filming, despite many challenges. Some called him “a perfect gentleman,” while others told him they admired his choice to stay “true to himself” in every situation. Others praised him for exhibiting “class and grace,” even during conflicts.

“I hope you’re doing better now that MAFS is over,” one supporter wrote. “I really felt bad for you, but you were a trooper & stuck through it to the end.”

Another follower commented, “You’re an outstanding person and I commend you for the way you carried yourself in every situation, good, bad, or indifferent. You’re a standup guy!”

Several other fans told Henry they were happy he had finally decided to stand up for himself on Decision Day and at the reunion, calling his comments “long overdue.”


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Other followers assured him he would find true love in the future

In addition to complimenting Henry on his patient on-screen demeanor, many Married at First Sight fans predicted that Henry would find love sooner rather than later. They reminded him that Christina simply wasn’t the right match for him, and the best partner would eventually show up in his life.

“You will find your perfect match very soon,” one follower assured him, adding that he was “handsome” and “sweet” with a “heart of gold.”

Several other Married at First Sight viewers pointed out Christina’s alleged pattern of dishonesty. Henry, they suggested, deserved someone just as frank and honest as he was.

“You are a sweet and honest guy who deserves someone that is just for you!” a supporter wrote.

Many of Henry’s followers hoped that he would find someone who was similarly laid-back and patient, so he wouldn’t feel pressure to behave differently.

“I hope life treats you well and you find somebody as sweet and as wonderful as you are, Henry,” one Instagram user wrote in that vein. “Somebody to complement your caring and gentle nature.”

Other fans even suggested that Henry take a chance and ask his castmate, Olivia Cornu – who had a similarly tumultuous relationship and breakup from Brett Lindsey – on a date. After all, fans mused, their personalities might be a much better fit.