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Three of the five couples on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11 decided to stay together on Decision Day (and have stayed together since). But the other two pairs – Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey and Henry Rodriguez and Christina – had especially tumultuous breakups.

Olivia and Brett seemed more at odds than ever on the Married at First Sight reunion, with Olivia continuing to insist that Brett hadn’t signed up for the show for the right reasons. Meanwhile, Henry and Christina got into a fight about Christina’s alleged “blackmail” after a mystery text about Henry’s sexuality, leaving the other couples looking visibly uncomfortable.

With both Henry and Olivia now single, many Married at First Sight fans headed to their respective social media accounts to suggest that the two of them might make a good match in the future.

Olivia Cornu
Olivia Cornu | Kinetic Content

Henry got support from fans after his debacle with Christina

After Christina claimed she received a text from a mysterious stranger making claims about Henry’s purported sexuality, the already-tumultuous relationship between the couple went even further downhill.

On both Decision Day and the Married at First Sight reunion special, Henry accused his wife of a “pattern of dishonesty” that he noticed as early as their honeymoon. He noted that he didn’t believe the text in question even existed – suggesting instead that Christina made it up when it became clear that he wasn’t interested in her.

What’s more, Henry alleged that Christina threatened to “hold the text over his head” unless he “played nice” while the cameras were rolling. Christina denied these claims at first, but she eventually admitted that she had wanted revenge against her husband for making her feel so unwanted.

Married at First Sight fans were often divided between Team Henry and Team Christina throughout the season. But after the latest controversy, most appeared to side firmly with Henry, arguing that Christina’s behavior was highly manipulative.

Olivia’s followers empathized with her after her breakup from Brett

Like Henry, Olivia took her opportunity on both Decision Day and at the October 29 reunion special to call out her estranged spouse for his behavior.

After their breakup, Brett accused Olivia of being more interested in getting a husband as an “accessory” than in building a connection with a particular person. But Olivia insisted that Brett was the one who hadn’t come on the show for the right reasons. She criticized him for allegedly acting like a “different person” when the cameras were off.

Olivia also accused Brett of sending “mixed signals” during their marriage, citing the flirty texts he sent her even after they broke up. What’s more, she claimed he left the apartment he shared with her with little warning during the height of the COVID-19 crisis (and took all the food in the pantry with him, to boot).

While some Married at First Sight fans still thought Olivia should have been more willing to compromise with Brett, many believed she would be more flexible with the right person. Ultimately, Brett’s perceived lack of accountability and unwillingness to admit his faults, as well as his ongoing sarcastic remarks, made many viewers turn against him.


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Some ‘Married at First Sight’ fans thought they might be a good match

After Henry and Olivia broke up with their respective spouses on Decision Day – and made their Instagram accounts public – some Married at First Sight fans took the opportunity to point out that the two of them might be a good match. Some thought Olivia and Henry’s calmer, gentler personalities might be a better fit.

On one of Henry’s recent Instagram posts, fans clamored to suggest that the castmates go out on a date.

“If you’re still single, I think you and Olivia would actually be a perfect couple!” one Married at First Sight fan wrote to Henry. Dozens of others agreed, pointing out that they both enjoyed good wine, travel, and adventure. Another follower suggested that the Lifetime experts “totally mixed up those two marriages.”

On Olivia’s most recent Instagram post, the sentiments about their potential compatibility were no different.

“You and Henry would make a great couple,” one Instagram user commented, with several others encouraging her to “give Henry a shot.”

“Makes ya wonder if the experts had put Henry and Olivia together if they would have worked out,” another mused.

Olivia and Henry haven’t responded to any of the suggestions that the two of them should have been matched – but who knows? Anything could happen in the future, especially when it comes to Married at First Sight.