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The moment of truth has arrived. On May 17, the Married at First Sight Season 16 couples sat down with Pastor Cal Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz to reveal whether they wanted to stay married or get a divorce. After a rollercoaster of a season – which saw one mismatched couple bow out of the experiment early – the remaining four pairs had to decide if they saw a future with their expert-picked partner or accept their marriage was not worth saving. So, who said yes to staying married and who couldn’t get a divorce fast enough? Let’s recap.

Jasmine and Airris 

'Married at First Sight' Season 16 cast members Jasmine and Airris on their wedding day
Jasmine and Airris of ‘Married at First Sight’ | HALEY MARIA SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY

Final decision: Get divorced

After a less-than-stellar start to their marriage, things have improved for Airiss and Jasmine in recent weeks. During their sit-down with the experts, he said he was enjoying being married and that it felt good to have someone to come home to. Unfortunately, reformed player Airiss’s late-in-the-game realization that a serious relationship had its benefits was too little, too late for his wife. 

“It takes two people to be in a marriage,” Jasmine said. Moments later, she told her husband of eight weeks that she wanted a divorce. 

Was Airiss prepared for that no? Perhaps not. He looked a little stunned before admitting that “this marriage hasn’t gone how either one of us has planned.” He then proceeded to put his foot in his mouth in a major way when he suggested that Jasmine didn’t love herself enough for their relationship to work. 

She fired back. “He has commitment issues … I don’t really think he was ready to be married,” the competitive cheerleading coach replied. 

Nicole and Chris

Final decision: Stay married 

Of all of the Married at First Sight Season 16 couples, Nicole and Chris were on the most solid ground heading into Decision Day. But they weren’t without their issues. 

Nicole knows she has a dominant personality. She wanted to make sure that her husband doesn’t let her walk all over him. Chris expressed a fear that Nicole’s self-esteem issues will continue to be an issue if they stay together. He doesn’t want to constantly reassure his wife that he loves her. Meanwhile, the experts are concerned that Nicole and Chris haven’t had any major arguments so far. Could they be avoiding conflict that would raise more serious issues in their relationship? 

But those worries weren’t enough to keep these two lovebirds apart. 

“I feel so lucky every day I’m with you,” Nicole said. She added: “I would love to stay married to you.” 

“I love you fully and I would love to stay married to you as well,” Chris replied. 

Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper were all smiles, thankful that at least one of their matches this season worked out. 

Gina and Clint

Final decision: Get divorced 

Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper can’t figure out Gina and Clint. They’re both attractive and get along with each other. So why hasn’t a romance developed? It all goes back to those remarks on the honeymoon, when Gina said she wasn’t attracted to guys with “gingery features” and Clint said he usually dated women who were “athletic [and] slender.” 

“Some comments that were made early on created a big hole for us to climb out of,” Clint said when he and Gina sat down with the experts. But he also said they had some good times together. Gina agreed and said she especially appreciated the way Clint had bonded with her dog Hank and supported her during some struggles with her business. But it wasn’t enough. 

“It’s a struggle when you feel like you have a friendship with someone but you can’t quite get there on a romantic level,” Gina said.  

Ultimately, both Clint and Gina said they wanted a divorce, though Clint is hopeful that he can still spend time with Hank. That might be doable, considering that he and Gina live in the same apartment building. However, a Married at First Sight teaser hints at some doggie custody drama to come.  

Kirsten and Shaquille

Kirsten and Shaqille from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16 on their wedding day
Kirsten and Shaquille from ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 16 | MATTHEW KAHN PHOTOGRAPHY

Final decision: Get divorced

Over the past eight weeks, Kirsten has overcome her initial lack of attraction to Shaquille. She now sees him as the kind of man who could be the husband she’d always wanted. Though she still gets frustrated with their circular conversations and Shaquille’s tendency not to listen to her, she can envision a future together. Shaquille isn’t so sure. He’s wavering on his choice heading into Decision Day. He still feels that Kirsten has her guard up and he wants more support from his wife in “educational endeavors.” 

So, did Kirsten and Shaq stay together? Married at First Sight initially left us hanging. The May 17 episode ended with Kirsten telling her husband she wanted to continue their journey and stay married. MAFS fans had to wait until May 24 to see Shaquille’s response.

Unfortunately for Kirsten, Shaquille shocked her (and the experts) by asking for a divorce. “I’ve been feeling alone,” he said. “I’ve been feeling there’s been times when I needed you and you wasn’t there.”

Kirsten took Shaquille’s rejection well. She even comforted him as he tearfully explained his reasons for wanting to break up. But in an interview with producers, her real feelings came out.

“Are you f*cking serious right now? I should be the one crying,” she said. “You’re the one saying no.”

Pastor Cal thought Shaq had made a huge mistake.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t see him getting any better than that.”

[This article has been updated with new information about Shaquille and Kirsten’s final decision.]

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