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Married at First Sight has bid goodbye to Denver. The Lifetime reality show has put the messy season 17 in its rearview mirror and is looking ahead to a new batch of couples who will say “I do” in Chicago. Meanwhile, the Denver cast is moving on, with many of them likely happy to be out of the glare of the spotlight. 

During the MAFS Season 17 “Where Are They Now?” special, the Denver cast shared some updates about where things stood with them after the show. Several had started new relationships since their divorces, while others were focused on healing. Since the season officially ended, some have also gone public on social media and shared additional updates about their lives post-show. 

Emily and Brennan

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between Emily and Brennan. During the Married at First Sight Denver “Where Are They Now?” special, he confirmed he’s in a relationship with a new woman. She’s yet to make her debut on his public Instagram, but Brennan did recently share a photo of himself and fellow MAFS cast members Cameron and Chloe on a plane together, proving he’s on good terms with at least some of the Mile High City crew. 

Emily’s Instagram bio describes herself as “the one who ‘disrespected’ MAFS S17.” In an April 7 post, she called her Decision Day choice to say “no” to Brennan “the best decision I’ve ever made.” While she doesn’t appear to be dating anyone, she does have a new love in her life – a sweet dog named Lulu. 

Clare and Cameron 

Clare is keeping her social media private post-MAFS. But during the “Where Are They Now?” special, she revealed that she had a new job working with at-risk youth. She was also in a new long-distance relationship with a guy who lived in Seattle. Things were getting serious enough that he was considering moving to Denver, she told fellow cast member Lauren. 

Clare’s ex-husband Cameron doesn’t appear to be on Instagram. At the reunion, the bike shop co-owner revealed he had a new job working in finance. During the “Where Are They Now?” special, the New Zealand native said he was considering moving to Puerto Rico for tax reasons. 

Becca and Austin 


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Becca’s marriage to Austin didn’t work out, but she hasn’t given up on love. She’s keeping busy as a wedding photographer capturing other couple’s celebrations. You can check out her work on Instagram. She keeps her personal social media private. 

Austin has his Instagram set to private, which isn’t a big surprise, considering how uncomfortable he seemed to be with the MAFS cameras. His current relationship status is unknown. While fellow cast member Chloe wondered if Austin and his roommate might have a romantic connection when they met up during the “Where Are They Now?” special, there’s no sign the two are a couple.  

Lauren and Orion 

Like several other Married at First Sight Denver cast members, Lauren has not gone public on social media. During the “Where Are They Now?” special, she made it clear that she was ready to move on from her brief marriage to Orion and put her MAFS experience behind her. 

Lauren’s ex-husband Orion had also seemed to accept that a friendship was not in the cards for him and his former wife. Based on his Instagram updates, he’s living his best life in Colorado, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Michael and Chloe 

Michael got a second chance at love after his first Married at First Sight bride ditched him at the altar. But ultimately, he decided he wasn’t ready for marriage to bride No. 2, Chloe. On his Instagram, he’s shared some outtakes and behind-the-scenes moments from the show. In a comment on one post, he said he thought less group interaction might have improved the Denver season. 

“I think with our season, the constant co-mingling was more of an issue so one of my recommendations would be to pair down the group filming sessions,” he wrote. 

Unlike Michael, Chloe keeps her social media private. But she seems to be on good terms with her ex, commenting on one of his recent posts about his dog, Marshmallow. According to her LinkedIn, she still works as a senior development director for a large national nonprofit in Denver. 

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