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Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya Randall quickly became the “it couple” on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11. Their chemistry was off the charts, and their love and passion made fans root for them all season long.

Naturally, Amani and Woody decided to stay together on Decision Day – with Woody calling his wife his “soulmate” and Amani saying she began to believe in unconditional love because of her husband.

On the October 29 Married at First Sight reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, Woody had one more romantic trick up his sleeve for his bride.

Amani Aliyya Randall
Amani Aliyya Randall | Kinetic Content

Amani and Woody gave updates on their life after Decision Day

On the Married at First Sight season 11 reunion finale episode, Woody and Amani told Frazier that, of course, they stayed together after Decision Day. And they already had big plans for their future together – like possibly moving to another city and having kids within the next five years.

Amani, 29, also revealed that she had already tried to change her last name to Randall at the time of filming.

“I never told you that, but I tried to change my last name already,” she told Woody, who seemed giddy and ecstatic to hear the news. She’d filled out the paperwork, but unfortunately wasn’t able to go through with it because of COVID-19-related office closings.

As for their relationship, both newlyweds agreed that it was still going strong after six months together. Amani said they still had “honeymoon vibes,” and Woody felt just as intensely – and expressed himself just as unapologetically – as he always had.

The couple said their families had blended together seamlessly

Woody also revealed that one thing he wished Married at First Sight fans had gotten to see more of was his positive relationship with Amani’s family, and vice versa. The two families had integrated well and were now very close, which was crucial for both of them.

Woody opened up earlier this season about his difficult relationship with his father. The 30-year-old’s dad was incarcerated for a significant portion of his childhood and teen years, and their bond had always been strained after his return.

Fortunately, Amani had two fathers in her life, and both of them wanted to serve a nurturing, paternal role in Woody’s life as well. He spoke about his gratitude, saying, “Me and my dad don’t have a great relationship. I wound up being married, and my wife has two dads, and I talk to them now.” He added that he thought he only had one chance to have a father figure in his life, but now “another door had opened up for him.”

For Amani, Woody’s ability to blend in with her family and develop his own relationship with her relatives was vital.

“That was the most important thing for me throughout this process,” she said. She even told the experts that she wanted her husband to “be part of her family, get to know them, and accept them for who they were.”

Woody surprised Amani with a new wedding ring

While Woody and Amani already seemed content and satisfied with their life together, Woody had one more romantic surprise to share with his beloved wife. Frazier teased the Married at First Sight star for nearly sweating through his shirt before revealing his big surprise.

Getting on one knee in front of his wife, Woody told Amani just how much she meant to him.

“I signed on; I never thought I’d get a life partner,” Woody said sweetly, holding back tears. “I’ve been holding this in for so long. Yes, they matched us. But honestly, I really do love you, for real. And I just can’t see you outside of my life.”

With that, he opened a box to show off a custom wedding ring he’d had made. While Amani was gifted a ring by the network, Woody wanted to make it his won.

“I think that you’ll care more about it because it’s actually from me, from my reasoning, for our life together,” he said of the new ring.


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Amani said their love story was a ‘fairytale’

Naturally, Amani couldn’t have been more thrilled with Woody’s sweet gesture. Exclaiming that the ring was “beautiful,” she was nearly rendered speechless by the surprise.

“I don’t even feel like I have any words,” Amani told her husband with tears in her eyes. “I mean, you’re with me. I’m not in this alone.” She told him how grateful he was that he went to this length just to show how much he loved her.

Amani also said her love story with Woody, and her experience on Married at First Sight, was the quintessential “definition of a fairytale.”

“I met a stranger,” she pointed out. “We were whisked off on a vacation, and we fell in love. Every day, he shows how committed he is to me. I can’t be any more grateful than I am.”

Many Married at First Sight fans have predicted that Woody and Amani will become the next “it” couple on Lifetime, with some even hoping they get their own spinoff. Others hope they will appear on existing spinoffs, such as Married at First Sight: Couples Couch or Married at First Sight: Couples Cam. Whatever the case, it’s clear that Amani and Woody’s love story is far from over.