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Matty Healy and Taylor Swift’s relationship is taking the music world by storm. Swift and Joe Alwyn recently broke up, and she quickly moved on to The 1975’s frontman. So, where does Matty Healy live? Here’s what to know about Healy’s $1.5 million home in London that features a concrete interior and minimalist style.

Matty Healy’s minimalist North West London home is worth over $1.5 million

'The 1975' frontman Matty Healy singing into a microphone
Matty Healy from ‘The 1975’ | Xavi Torrent/Redferns

Matty Healy lives in North West London in a home created by designer Takero Shimazaki — and it’s certainly different. Shimazaki said the goal of the space was to create an “immediate sense of almost monastic calm” and a “refuge within the city,” according to The design was based on the 1819 JMW Turner painting “Interior of an Italian Church.”

The £1,250,000 (over $1.5 million) three-bedroom house comes with beige walls that haven’t been painted. Most, if not every, doorway is arched. The home comes with glass floors, and the bathroom has a freestanding bath complete with French sinks and brass light fixtures. The master bedroom has arched windows to match the arched doorways, and the windows overlook a pebbled courtyard. The bed frame is just concrete slabs. The kitchen is also white and minimalist.

Healy doesn’t have many belongings in the home, but he does have plants, a few rugs and lamps, and a few tables and chairs. Many of the tables and chairs are wood, providing a nice contrast to the greyish-beige interior.

He lives just 3 miles from the home Taylor Swift rented with Joe Alwyn

Matty Healy’s home isn’t far from where Taylor Swift once rented. Swift and her ex, Joe Alwyn, lived in an $8.7 million apartment six-bedroom townhouse in Primrose Hill in North London. Harry Style and Tom Hiddleston lived quite close to Swift and Alwyn as well.

“Lockdown has changed a lot of things for Taylor and Joe, so they will be spending longer in London than they were initially going to,” a source shared with the Daily Mail regarding Alwyn and Swift’s living situation during the pandemic. “Therefore, they thought it was perhaps time to find themselves somewhere a little more spacious.” With that said, it seems Swift wanted to keep Nashville as her permanent residence.

It’s unclear what will happen to Alwyn and Swift’s London home now that Swift’s moved on from Alwyn. If she stays at Healy’s minimalist residence, she might risk running into Alwyn on the streets of the U.K.

Are Matty Healy and Taylor Swift living together?

Taylor Swift with her arms around Nick Grimshaw while standing next to Matty Healy
Nick Grimshaw, Taylor Swift, and Matt Healy | David M. Benett/Getty Images for Soho House & Bacardi

The 1975’s Matty Healy Goes Viral (Again) for Kissing a Fan

Rumors suggest Matty Healy might be ditching his London home at least temporarily. The Sun notes Healy is moving into Swift’s New York City apartment to help her write her next album. He reportedly shipped guitar effect pedals, audio interfaces, synths, and his MacBook Pro to the States.

“He and Taylor are so loved up and want to spend as much time together as they can,” a source shared. “Matty has already told the 1975 team that he’ll be doing all the band demos in America for the foreseeable. He will work on his parts for their collaboration while she is on tour and has scheduled time to attend select shows to gather inspiration for her next album.”

The source then claimed that “Matty is Joe 2.0 — her superstar status doesn’t faze him in the slightest.” Rumors suggested that Swift and Alwyn weren’t compatible because of their starkly different levels of fame.

This story was first reported by The Tab.

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