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Marvel has provided so many fans with an extensive connection to a variety of superheroes and villains. All ages are quick to catch each new film and wait impatiently for the next.

Among the worst MCU villains, there are ‘bad guys’ like Egghead, Paste-Pot Pete, and Asbestos Lady. But among the best MCU villains, there are Red Skull, Ultron, Loki, and the most obvious – Thanos. However, another villain name has been popping up recently, and some fans are even considering him ‘more terrifying’ than Thanos! Kilgrave is being said to have had the potential to beat the Avengers before Thanos even showed up.

Who is Kilgrave?

David Tennant
David Tennant | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As a young boy, Kevin Thompson was often painfully tested for a serious brain malfunction, which contributes to him developing the ability to control minds. His parents were also far from affectionate and consumed by their work, creating the extreme resentment he starts to feel toward them.

Things start to change as Thompson’s anger gets the best of him, and the people around him begin giving in to his every demand after tantrums.  It would go on this way for a while.

It turns out he becomes so used to getting what he wants that when he can’t have Jessica Jones, he becomes obsessed with her. At one point, he even says to her, “I’m the only one who matches you… who challenges you… who’ll do anything for you.”

His mind-controlling powers are incredible and scary, all at once. After working with his father to enhance his power capabilities, many fans think there can really be something here with the character if he does reach his intended potential.

How he’s a different kind of villain than Thanos

The difference between Thanos and Kilgrave is that Thanos is an Eternal, not a human-turned-villain. Funny enough, he has a similar purple hue to his skin but is a Titan among men with a suit of armor many would kill for and strength so powerful he has defeated the Hulk. 

CinemaBlend explains, “Thanos’ origin is said to be on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, making him a Titanian in nature. It is rumored, however, that Thanos is the last of an ancient and highly sophisticated species known throughout the universe as ‘The Eternals’.”

Syfy expands further, saying, “Thanos, also known as The Mad Titan, is Titanian Eternal.” As far as his power, “His basic abilities are super strength, speed, and longevity [and] he can manipulate energy, is telepathic, and telekinetic.”

Fan theory: Kilgrave could have beaten the avengers before Thanos even showed up

Some fan theories are circling about Kilgrave’s ability to successfully take on the Avengers and the planet before Thanos could even think about doing so. But like with every theory, there’s a counterpart, and another fan thinks Kilgrave’s weakness is his ‘human ailment’ over Thanos’ inhuman capabilities

One Reddit fan “David Tennant as Killgrave is the most terrifying villain in the MCU up to this point, IMO. If he had any ambition, he could’ve absolutely wrecked the Avengers and taken over the planet long before Thanos came around.”

In agreement, a Reddit user says that “Kilgrave is just something else. No other villain in the whole Marvel pantheon feels so completely dangerous just to be near. Even Thanos, even the biggest physical threats, do not feel as deeply terrifying and uncomfortable just to be around. Because most villains can beat you up a bunch, hurt your body, but Kilgrave can take away your personhood.”

On the other hand, another Reddit fan made the argument, “It’s likely, at least in the MCU, that Asgardians would either be immune to his powers or the powers wouldn’t be as strong on them. Meaning that at his original power level … before he had his dad enhance them … that Thor and Asgardians may have been able to fight off the compulsion to do as he says, but this would take a lot of their will to do so. I say this because someone in the MCU says that Asgardians are immune to human ailments.”