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In the wake of stepping down as a working member of the British royal family, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is eager to get back to work. Prior to marrying Prince Harry in May 2018 — the Los Angeles native was a working actress with a starring role on the hit USA drama series, Suits.

In addition to her work in Hollywood — Markle was also an activist, a writer/editor for her lifestyle blog, The Tig and an ambassador for several conscious brands. However, when she and the prince got engaged in November 2017 — Markle closed the door on personal career.

Now that the Sussexes have decided they want to become financially independent and work for themselves outside of the British royal family — the duchess is eager to get back to work.

This is what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will do for work

Markle has already signed a voiceover deal with Disney. However, that paycheck is expected to go to the Elephants Without Borders charity. Still, now that she and the duke are free agents — media companies like Netflix and ABC are eager to get them into meetings.

Though they are adamant about respecting the crown, the sky is the limit for what the Sussexes may want to do next with their Sussex Royal brand. “We could easily compare them to any former presidents,” Royal commentator and author Kristen Meinzer explained to Business Insider. “My mind keeps going to Barack and Michelle Obama and how [they] make money. The reason I compare the two is that they’re already friends with each other and I would put them on the same level in terms of fame.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are worth $30 million

Though they will no longer be supported by Queen Elizabeth II — the Sussexes aren’t exactly leaving the U.K. without a dime to their name. Together, they have a combined net worth of $30 million.

When Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot they decided to forgo a prenuptial agreement and simply combine their wealth. Prince Harry is worth $25 million, a combination of inheritance from Princess Diana and an annual allowance from Prince Charles. In contrast, Markle is worth $5 million from her past acting work and endorsements.

Meghan Markle is actively looking for an agent and a manager

It looks like Markle is thinking about returning to her acting roots. “Meghan is actively looking for representation. She has begun outreach,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It can be a manager or an agent, but she’s reaching out to people to find someone to represent her for future professional projects.”

Markle probably won’t return to TV, but this is a way for her to seek out projects inlined with her and the duke’s charitable effotts while earning a living.

“She doesn’t come from millions,” an insider told US Weekly. “She’s worked hard to get to where she is today. Meghan loves the idea of being the breadwinner. She has no plans to do another show like Suits, but Harry’s been encouraging her to do more voice-over work, writing, producing and directing in her free time.”