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Kate Winslet once collaborated with young actor Miles Teller in the popular sci-fi series Divergent. But when Teller worked with the actor, Winslet wasn’t exactly how he expected her to be.

Kate Winslet didn’t realize how villainous her character was in ‘Divergent’

Kate Winslet at the screening of 'The Mountain Between Us'.
Kate Winslet | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Divergent was a bit of a departure from Oscar-winner Kate Winslet’s usual roles. The hit sci-fi movies were based on a series of successful young adult novels, and starred Shailene Woodley and Theo James as the leads.

Winslet shared that the script was what attracted her to the movie first. Divergent would also see Winslet playing a villain for the first time in her career. This was a surprise to the actor, who didn’t realize just how sinister her character was originally.

“I haven’t played a villain before but I didn’t realise that until I agreed to play the role and said ‘Oh, she’s actually kind of evil through and through,’” Winslet once told Entertainment Tonight (via Hello).

But it was a type of character that Winslet relished portraying.

Miles Teller was shocked to learn what Kate Winslet was really like after working with her on ‘Divergent’

Top Gun star Miles Teller was once also a part of the Divergent franchise. As a fan of Winslet, he already had an image in his head of what the Oscar-winner might be like. But after he got to know the actor, he soon saw that Winslet was the complete opposite of who he thought she’d be.

“Kate has got a dirty mouth. I don’t know what image I had – I think I thought she was a little more proper but she’s not! She’s a cool girl and puts you at ease. It was really refreshing working with her but I think there is some funny stuff on the cutting room floor,” Teller once said in an interview with Collider.

Winslet admitted that she also intentionally exploited her co-stars’ original perceptions of her. The Titanic actor noticed that her younger co-stars were anxious around her on set. It was a reaction she decided to take advantage of.

“They were intimidated, I have to say. When I walked on to the set I was like, ‘Hi.’ Then I realized they were all really quite nervous. And then I thought, ‘I’m just gonna let you be nervous for a couple more days. That’s fine with me.’ And so a good few days went by when they really were scared of me,” she once told BBC.

Kate Winslet opened up on giving Shailene Woodley advice


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Winslet already knew what it was like being the face of a huge blockbuster. Seeing as Woodley might have been headed down a similar path with the Divergent franchise, some wondered if Winslet helped Woodley by giving her advice. But Winslet felt questions regarding the matter might have been a bit exaggerated.

“It’s really funny. People keep saying to me ‘would you give Shailene advice?’ and ‘do you guys talks about your experience on Titanic and what she’s about to face now?’ They’re describing it as if she’s walking into a war zone with no body armour on,” Winslet said.