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For ages, Miley Cyrus has been pulling from her real life as inspiration for her music. Her deeply personal songs have resonated with millions of people throughout the course of her career. But there’s a cost to being so personal. In fact, Cyrus has begun to question whether or not she actually has the power to manifest things in her life with her music, whether they be positive or negative.

songs Liam Hemsworth and MIley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth and MIley Cyrus | Kyle GRILLOT / AFP via Getty Images

Back in the Summer of 2019, Cyrus’ fans were shocked when the news hit that she and her then-husband, Liam Hemsworth, were getting separated. The pair met on their movie, The Last Song back in 2009 and continued to have an off and on relationship until they tied the knot in December 2018. Since the pair had broken up a few times, fans were hopeful that they might get back together. But it became abundantly clear that they’d both moved on when they began dating other people and filed for divorce.

Miley Cyrus wrote ‘Slide Away’ prior to her divorce from Liam Hemsworth

Not too long after Cyrus and Hemsworth called it quits, the Hannah Montana alum released a song called “Slide Away.” The song, and music video for that matter, seemed to reference her relationship with Hemsworth. But while most people assumed that Cyrus wrote it following her divorce, that actually wasn’t the case at all.

“I was still in my relationship, I was still living in my house in Malibu,” Cyrus shared about when she wrote the aforementioned song in an interview with Rolling Stone. “That’s why [I sang], ‘I want my house in the hills.’ I wanted out of there, and it says, ‘I don’t want the whiskey and pills.’ I didn’t want to maintain that lifestyle.”

The ‘Plastic Hearts’ artist wonders if she manifests things with her songs

Cyrus continued on to share that in some ways she actually questions whether or not she manifests events in her life with her music. Since she wrote “Slide Away” prior to divorcing Hemsworth, she questions if the song was a premonition of their relationship ending. “It’s really weird because I can never figure out what comes first: art or life?” Cyrus added. “Does art imitate life or life imitate art? Or do you speak it into existence? Am I that powerful that when I write something, I become it?”


Miley Cyrus Might Technically Still Be a Hemsworth

The “Malibu” singer also spoke about the pitfalls of writing music that is so personal and vulnerable. “I think of making music sometimes as a sacrifice because you end up writing songs that can hurt people, that can hurt one person but make you feel less alone,” Cyrus shared. “It’s like, is it worth it? Is it worth writing music that’s so honest? Dolly [Parton] said there’s two sides to every story. When you’re telling your side of the story, is it fair? You don’t make songs to hurt somebody, but they do. Songs like ‘Angels Like You,’ it’s not easy for someone to listen to when they know it’s about them. ‘You’re going to wish we never met on the day I leave.’ Music can be a sacrifice.”

Cyrus and Hemsworth both seem to be doing well

We can certainly see the challenges in wanting to be honest in your art but also wanting to protect the feelings of those you care about. But, whether Cyrus manifested her divorce with Hemsworth or not, she seems to be in a good place now, so perhaps it was for the best.