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At just 15 years old, Millie Bobby Brown leads a pretty extraordinary life. The actress is the breakout star of the show Stranger Things and also recently starred in her first blockbuster film. This year, the teenager also launched her own makeup and skincare line, florence by mills. In addition to that, she boasts a huge following of loyal fans who follow her every move. On Instagram alone, Brown has over 31.2 million followers keeping up with her life.

Millie Bobby Brown Instagram
Millie Bobby Brown | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

But, despite Brown having a pretty exceptional life, she seems to still value a sense of normalcy. Though she has some high-profile friends like Drake, she also has a great number of friends outside of the industry. In a recent interview with Seventeen, Brown admitted that she gets the most joy out of keeping up with her closest friends and family on Instagram. In fact, she enjoys following her loved ones over other celebrities she isn’t close with and large brands.

Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite Instagram accounts belong to friends and family

“I draw the most strength from following my close friends and family. There’s nothing quite like scrolling through your feed or your stories and seeing your best friend just doing something absolutely ridiculous but being themselves at the same time. I love seeing the people I love being their most unfiltered selves,” Brown confessed to the publication. But, her friends and family aren’t the only ones that Brown likes to follow. She also loves keeping up with her coworkers and peers.

“I also get so much positive energy from following my castmates and people I’ve met through my work. I’m so lucky to have met so many incredible young women in particular who inspire me not only to keep working harder, but who use social media in a very real way that reminds us all that, at the end of the day, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, we’re all learning and growing and we all have to take care of one another. There’s nothing more important than that,” the florence by mills founder wrote.

Using social media for good

A member of Gen Z, Brown is an avid supporter of social media. She believes it’s instrumental to help with creating positivity worldwide. “I hope that young people realize that the movement starts with us. Our generation in particular has so much power to use social media to create positive change in the world. My great hope is that people will use their platforms to spread kindness and positivity with one another, rather than using social media as a platform to bring one another down,” the Stranger Things star shared.

While Brown recognizes that social media can cause issues, she thinks it can also be used as a teaching mechanism. “I think it can also be an incredible tool for education and the empowerment that comes from knowing your worth, particularly for young women. Social media can give us a voice and, if we use it intelligently, a megaphone for that voice that young women haven’t always had. I truly hope that social media can be used to make our voices louder so that all of us can be lifted up to an equal playing field as a result,” Brown confessed. We love this fresh perspective from Brown about social media. With such a huge following, it’s impressive that she has such a healthy relationship with the social media platforms.