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Dolly Parton is a music legend, but Miranda Lambert doesn’t necessarily want to replicate Parton’s career. Lambert has made a name for herself in country music, and while she admires Parton, she admitted to Esquire that she does not think she could handle the level of fame that comes with being as popular as Parton.

A joined photo of Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert
(L-R) Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert | Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Taylor Hill/WireImage

Miranda Lambert admires Dolly Parton

At 76 years old, Parton is an icon when it comes to music, acting, and philanthropy. In her interview with Esquire, Lambert shared that she thinks Parton’s ambition is something that artists “should all strive for.”

“Dolly is a big one for me because it’s so much more than just the records—that’s where it starts and ends, and that’s why we all love Dolly. But the movies and the charity work and the theme park and the book, now she’s on a dang cupcake box, what else can she do?” Lambert told Esquire.

She continued, “That’s something we should all strive for, to take our brand, take our songs, and grow them and touch people’s lives in all kinds of ways.”

Miranda Lambert does not want a career like Dolly Parton

While Lambert considers Parton to be an idol in country music and also entertainment, the singer-songwriter does not want to have a career that follows Parton’s footsteps.

“I love writing songs, I love playing shows, I love that I can help dogs because of my job and that I have a clothing brand, but the celebrity part of it is on the bottom of my list,” Lambert told Esquire. “Some people thrive in that. You look at Reba, you look at Dolly, it’s very much about the film and television side, and they’re amazing at it.”

For Lambert, she does not want certain aspects that come with being a more popular celebrity.

“That’s not something that I feel comfortable doing. It’s not to say that I wouldn’t dabble in it or try something, but that part of my life where tabloids came into the picture, all that invasion of privacy—I’m not willing to sacrifice that for any reason ever again,” Lambert said.


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Miranda Lambert wants to have more ‘balance’ in her career

In 2019, Lambert married Brendan McLoughlin. At the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards, Lambert won the top prize of Entertainer of the Year.

After winning such a coveted award, Lambert told Esquire she wants to find more “balance” in her career.

“When I start thinking about my goals for the next decade, a lot of it is life stuff,” Lambert said. “I want to take my Airstream down Route 66 with my husband—and I also want to maybe write a song and get an Oscar nomination. But I can balance those two things way better when I’m dreaming about the life part, and not just the career part.”