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Fans of My 600-lb Life may have mixed feelings about how the show is going, but they haven’t stopped watching when TLC airs dramatic stories like Pauline Potter’s. After butting heads with Dr. Now during her episode of My 600-lb Life, a health scare led Potter to put renewed energy into her weight loss. She ended up losing 300 pounds after the show ended.

Fans are rooting for the subjects of My 600-lb Life, and they keep coming back for updates on how they’re doing. Zsalynn Whitworth was one of the earliest participants in the series, appearing in Season 2, Episode 1. Fans grew attached to her spirit and have rooted for her ever since.

‘My 600-lb Life’ starts with a disturbing disclaimer 

Zsalynn Whitworth frowns while while filming 'My 600-lb Life'
‘My 600-lb Life’s’ Zsalynn Whitworth films for TLC | TLC via Youtube

At the beginning of each My 600-lb Life episode, a disturbing disclaimer appears on the screen. No, it’s not the one that warns viewers of potentially disturbing material, like surgeries and medical procedures they perform on the show. Instead, the disclaimer states that less than 5% of patients will have long-term success after weight loss surgery. 

This data isn’t surprising to viewers of the show. Dr. Now’s patients seem to have a higher rate of long-term success since many of the show’s participants have gone on to lose impressive amounts of weight. Still, many of the participants end their time on the show with almost no weight loss to show for it. Fortunately, Whitworth wasn’t one of those patients. 

Zsalynn Whitworth wanted to lose weight so she could be there for her child 

Whitworth came on the show at 42 years old and 597 pounds. She had a young daughter and wanted to lose weight to be able to watch her grow up. Whitworth told the My 600-lb Life cameras that she felt “close to death.” Although she has since recognized that food was her coping mechanism, her weight may not have been entirely her fault.

Viewers quickly learned that Whitworth was in a toxic relationship. Her husband seemed attracted to her size and didn’t want her to lose weight. He tried to sabotage her at every turn. Viewers were downright disgusted with his behavior.

Whitworth really proved how strong she was during her episode. She stood up to her husband and lost more than 300 pounds. She even went on to get skin removal surgery, a goal that few of Dr. Now’s patients reach. With extra skin removed, Dr. Now’s patients can be more active and lose additional weight. 

Where is Zsalynn Whitworth now?


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Fans will be happy to learn that Whitworth not only lost 300 pounds of her own weight, reports Looper, but she dumped 250 pounds of dead weight in the form of her verbally abusive husband. Whitworth got divorced after the show. Although it was a positive step, it wasn’t easy. Whitworth struggled to stay on track after experiencing depression, but she was able to maintain her weight loss. 

Whitworth told fans in a My 600-lb Life: Where are They Now? episode that she relied on psychotherapy to get her through when things got tough. Now, she’s remarried. Her new husband seems kind and supportive.

Whitworth is active on social media and a proud advocate of body positivity. She is still close with her daughter, and it seems like she got her wish. Whitworth wanted to be present for her daughter’s childhood, and she made it happen.