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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 will be here before we know it. Here are some of the things we hope will happen for Kensi and Deeks, Sam, Callen, and Hetty. 

Kensi and Deeks won’t have any problems as foster parents

The cast of NCIS: Los Angeles takes a walk.
The NCIS Los Angeles cast | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

Although Kensi and Deeks aced their evaluation to foster Rosa, they still have a lot of concerns. One big worry they have is about their jobs and how that will affect Rosa. It can be a dangerous job and it’s time consuming, so they fear that could become an issue down the road.

One thing we know is that Kensi and Deeks have the support of their work family. At the end of the season 13 finale, they held a celebration on the beach for the new foster parents. The party had food, drinks, and balloons spelling “Rosa” hanging overhead. Kilbride (played by Gerald McRaney) wanted Kensi and Deeks to know that he and the entire team are behind them.

Callen and Anna will get married

During the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 finale, Callen proposed to Anna (played by Bar Paly), and she accepted. At first, Anna’s father, Arkady, wasn’t thrilled with the idea of them getting married (he doesn’t believe marriage works). However, he warmed up to the idea after Callen almost got killed.

Although we’re hoping Anna and Callen get hitched and ride off into the sunset, we have some concerns. Something tells us things won’t be easy for the couple. You wouldn’t have a show without some drama, now, would you?

Will Anna get cold feet? Will Callen get kidnapped again? Hopefully we’ll see their wedding this season and nothing goes wrong.  

Sam’s living arrangement with his father works out

Sam’s father has Alzheimer’s disease, and he has reached a point where he can no longer live alone. Sam (played by LL Cool J) decided it would be best if he bought a house so his father could live with him. So far, things have been challenging. Sam’s father misses his independence. He’s also still grieving the loss of his wife.

Sam’s father is grateful for his son’s help, but he’s also used to doing things on his own. We’re hoping that things will settle down and Sam and his father will learn how to live together again.

Hetty will return for Season 14

We haven’t seen Hetty for most of Season 13. Our biggest wish is that Hetty returns to the series full time. It hasn’t been the same without her. Part of the reason Linda Hunt (the actress who plays Hetty) hasn’t been around is because of the pandemic. The producers are doing everything they can to make sure she stays healthy.

“Linda was away a lot more this season because of COVID and us trying to keep her safe,” NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told TV Line around the time season 12 wrapped.

“And then finally, Linda had both her vaccines, she was feeling great, and she came back [for the season 12 finale]. And she was so happy to be back. She had been gone for so long and hadn’t really interacted with anyone, so she was just so thrilled to be back on set.” Hopefully, we will see Hunt during NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14.

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