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Horror fans around the world instantly recognize Blumhouse for providing a wide assortment of horror movie content. However, The Black Phone will mark a major moment moving forward for the company with a new motion logo. Blumhouse CEO and founder Jason Blum tasked fans with finding the Easter eggs from their various projects, which they instantly took part on through social media.

The original Blumhouse motion logo emphasized supernatural horror

'The Black Phone' Mason Thames as Finney Shaw, which will include new Blumhouse intro with Easter eggs. He's holding his hand over his mouth in front of a television screen.
Mason Thames as Finney Shaw | Universal Pictures

Blumhouse was originally founded in the year 2000 and lived by a low-budget model involving horror movies. They ultimately found huge success with Paranormal Activity, which grew into a massive horror franchise. This continued with other low-budget hits, such as Insidious, Sinister, The Purge, among others.

The previous Blumhouse motion logo offered more of a nod to the horror genre than outright Easter eggs for fans. It highlighted supernatural horror with a floating chair, a door slamming on its own, and a book flipping in the air. The camera continues to turn, as a creepy girl makes an appearance. Additionally, the walls begin to crack and the Blumhouse logo is finally revealed underneath a swinging lightbulb.

The new motion logo makes its first appearance before ‘The Black Phone’

Blumhouse proudly unveiled a new motion logo with a wide array of Easter eggs for their fans to dig into. It begins with a look at a shadowed figure in the woods, as it continues to move backward through the house over the course of the motion logo. Two recognizable figures stand holding hands, as it moves through the living room and the bathroom.

The new motion logo prepares audiences for what’s to come with atmospheric sound design, but it also includes the sound of a whimpering person. Next, the new Blumhouse motion logo moves through the bedroom and one additional room before emerging on the other side. The house twists and it reveals the Blumhouse logo that audiences will instantly recognize.

Horror fans quickly took to the comments section to share their excitement for the new logo, but they specifically point out how different it is from the typical studio logo. It will make its first appearance before Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone.

Blumhouse fans spot horror movie Easter eggs


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Blum himself took to Twitter to share the new motion logo. He tasked horror fans with spotting the Blumhouse Easter eggs from their films and television shows. His followers instantly started to respond with some of the obvious hat tips. However, some of them also mentioned some that you’ll miss if you blink.

The most obvious Blumhouse Easter egg is seeing Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise lurking behind a tree. Next to him, you will see a pig from The Hunt. As it pans back through the first room, viewers can see the tea cup from Get Out on the window sill. You can also spot the cowboy hat and gun from The Forever Purge on the chair.

Next, viewers can see two creepy mask-wearers from The Purge franchise. The following area has the cupcake from Happy Death Day and a gift box from Sam Raimi’s The Gift on the table in front of the couch. The camera pans back into a bathroom with the bathtub and arm hanging out of it from a scene in Jessabelle.

The bedroom shows a demonic hand reaching toward the bed from Insidious with the bear from Into the Dark‘s “Pooka!” However, this room has a bunch of treats, including a camera and tripod from Paranormal Activity, a drum from Whiplash, and the Bughuul symbol on the wall from Sinister. Fans question whether the ax in the ground is either from Creep or The Black Phone.

The final room displays a rocking chair in front of a television playing static. The comments question whether the chair is a nod to The Visit. Finally, the logo reveals the house from the outside and the iconic red door from Insidious.

Perhaps there are more Blumhouse horror Easter eggs lurking throughout the new motion logo, but that’s all fans pointed out thus far.