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Paris Hilton recently revealed that she branded the term “that’s hot” from hearing her sister Nicky Hilton use it, a reference Nicky had used 20 years ago.

“When I started using the phrase 20 years ago it was more of a sarcastic thing,” Nicky shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Like when someone would be really excited about telling a story and get to the climatic point- then slyly responding ‘that’s hot.’ It was a joke. Paris glamorized it I guess.” 

Paris Hilton turned ‘That’s Hot’ into a brand

Paris must have picked up on the snarky remark because she made it her own. “I started making shirts that said ‘That’s hot’ and on the back they said ‘You’re not.’ It was cute,” she told Vogue in March”That’s hot was something that my sister always used to say, but I trademarked it and I own it. Sorry, Nicky.” 

NIcky Hilton stands in front of a shelf of Smirnoff ICE bottles
Nicky Hilton | Rob Kim/Getty Images for Smirnoff ICE

“As soon as I put on my first Juicy tracksuit, I was obsessed,” Paris added “I said, ‘Please send me more. I want the full collection. Every single color.’ I just fell in love with the brand and it basically became my uniform. I have an entire closet that’s only Juicy Couture. It’s somewhere I go every single day and just put on my Juice. “

Life has certainly changed for Paris and Nicky Hilton since coining ‘That’s Hot’

Nicky coined “that’s hot” practically a lifetime ago and now she and Paris are busy entrepreneurs and moms. Fun has definitely taken on a new meaning.

“We are definitely wanting to get all of the cousins together for a summer family trip,” she shared. “I think that would be so fun for the grown-ups and the children. Somewhere warm with a beach. We are leaning towards Hawaii at the moment.”

She also has a new outlook on what it means to be a fashionable young mom. “I think self-care is very important- whatever your definition of that is,” she dished. “A manicure, massage, or facial. Just spending some extra time on you. Because when you look good you feel good and vice versa.” 

Parties also look a little different too

Paris and Nicky Hilton used to be known as party girls when they were in their 20s. Now that they are older, not to mention parents, partying is still fun but at a different speed.

“These days we are definitely spending more time at home with our children- playing just hanging out,” she said. “My girls are so excited to be the big cousins of the group with our growing family.” 


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Nicky also got the party started via her partnership with Smirnoff. “Smirnoff contacted me about being a part of the relaunch tour and I was so excited when I heard they were going to have some of my favorite artists come and perform at the iconic Webster Hall. It was such a great night! I definitely love a Smirnoff ice for summer. Brings back so many fun memories!” Nicky exclaimed.  

On May 18, Smirnoff ICE kicked off its highly anticipated Relaunch Tour with host Nicky Hilton and star-studded performances from music’s most celebrated OGs – T-Painand Shaggy – and the hottest newbies – DaniLeighandDJ Moma.