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Nicole Kidman fans are really getting into the AMC ad that plays ahead of the movies at their theater locations. As a result, the Internet regularly shares the very best memes surrounding the advertisement. A group of Kidman fans is showing their love for the AMC ad in a prayer that some Redditors are calling a “cult.”

The Nicole Kidman AMC ad is pure camp

Nicole Kidman in AMC ad looking forward with a smile on her face with the light from the projector behind her
Nicole Kidman | AMC Theaters

If you haven’t seen AMC ad featuring Kidman, then you stayed clear of their theater locations and likely avoided the Internet. It instantly made a big impact online and went viral. The video begins with Kidman walking toward an AMC theater.

Kidman enters the AMC Theater location and walks to her seat. She watches big-screen experiences in a vacant theater, such as La La Land, Jurassic World, and Wonder Woman. The ad highlights the theater experience, including a big silver screen with crisp sound.

Social media quickly went into a frenzy regarding the Kidman AMC ad. They poked fun at it, but they also gushed over how great it is. The ad certainly sells the brand remarkably well.

Nicole Kidman fans are sharing their AMC ad prayer that some are calling a ‘cult’

Reddit shared a TikTok video of a group honoring Kidman via the AMC ad. They appear to be sitting in a residential backyard before they watch a movie on their outdoor projector. However, the group decides to read out the dialogue from the Kidman AMC ad in unison. One member of the group even holds up a large image of the actor’s head. The recorder shows off a printed-out graphic that allows them to read along. Read below for the full transcript of the video:

“We come to this place for magic. We come to AMC Theaters to laugh, to cry, to care. Because we need that. All of us. That indescribable feeling we get when the lights begin to dim and we go somewhere we’ve never been before. Not just entered, but somehow reborn. Together. Dazzling images on a huge silver screen. Sound that I can feel. Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this. Our heroes feel like the best part of us and sorties feel perfect and powerful because here … they are. AMC Theaters. We make movies better.”

Talk about bringing the theater experience home in other regards aside from picture and sound. However, some of the Reddit comments are calling it a “cult” to which one Kidman fan responded, “Yes … we are.”

Reddit shares their crowd reactions to the ad


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The Reddit comments regarding the Kidman AMC ad prayer vary from calling it “terrifying” to loving every second of it. One of the most upvoted comments read: “Imagine hearing this over your fence while you are in your backyard.”

However, other users took the opportunity to explain how their theater crowds respond to the Kidman AMC ad when it plays in the theaters. Redditors reported clapping, laughing, and reciting along with the ad.

It’s clear that the Kidman AMC ad certainly left its mark on the world. There’s no telling how these audiences will react when it eventually stops playing.