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In November 2023, Tim Allen announced plans to return to Home Improvement for a reboot. The actor took to social media to insist a reboot would be happening and everyone from the cast was “on board” to return, too. While the news was met with delight from fans, it was short-lived. The reboot won’t be happening. Patricia Richardson, the actor who portrayed Jill Taylor, insists it was never in the works as far as she knew. She’s speaking out now.

Patricia Richardson insists there were never talks of a ‘Home Improvement’ Reboot 

Patricia Richardson has a lot of feelings regarding the Home Improvement reboot that never was. Richardson recently appeared on Back to the Best Podcast to discuss her current life and work lineup. During the chat, she discussed Tim Allen and his instance of a Home Improvement reboot being in the works. Richardson revealed she found the entire situation strange. She said she had never been approached about the prospect of reprising her role. 

Tim Allen in a promotional photo for 'Home Improvement'
Tim Allen as Tim Taylor | ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

The famed actor went on to say that she didn’t understand why Allen would lie about the reboot or the cast’s interest in returning. She touched on the apparent lack of interest in the project. Despite what he said about Home Improvement, Allen has since moved on to a new project. Richardson has been working steadily since the end of the series but doesn’t have any announced projects. 

Patricia Richardson seems to have negative feelings about Tim Allen 

Home Improvement fans largely believed things between Richardson and Allen were perfectly fine. After all, Richardson appeared in Last Man Standing as a guest, suggesting that the former costars were, at the very least, civil. Things soured somewhere along the way. Richardson isn’t just not interested in a Home Improvement reboot; she’s downright peeved about the rumors surrounding the project. 

Aside from what she said during her podcast appearance, Richardson also shared her feelings on X (formerly Twitter). She took to the platform in December to reveal that she had no knowledge of a Home Improvement reboot, no matter what some “jerk” said about it. She is extremely outspoken about the fact that she will not return, even if approached about it. 

The ‘Home Improvement’ cast, except for Allen, seems to be entirely uninterested in returning to the small screen 

Even before Richardson spoke out about the Home Improvement reboot, fans were skeptical that such a project would ever actually happen. While Allen insisted “everyone” was onboard, fans who have kept up with the actors from the series since it ended didn’t think that was possible. Most of the cast is no longer acting. When discussing the theoretical revival, Richardson addressed the cast’s current preferences and struggles.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith, Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen in a scene for 'Home Improvement
The cast of ‘Home Improvement’ | ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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Taran Noah Smith, the actor who portrayed Mark Taylor in the series, has made it clear he no longer has any interest in Hollywood. In 2015, he told the Marin Independent Journal that he knew he wasn’t interested in acting anymore when he was just 16 years old. He hasn’t acted since the end of Home Improvement. Smith turns 40 this year. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Randy Taylor, has cycled in and out of Hollywood since becoming a child star, but seems uninterested in acting right now. Richardson made it clear Thomas, whom she keeps in contact with, hasn’t connected with Allan about a reboot, either. Zachary Ty Bryan, the actor who took on the role of Brad Taylor, has been in and out of jail. His current string of legal troubles makes it unlikely he’d be interested in reprising his role, too. Smith, Bryan, and Thomas have not spoken publicly about a potential reboot.