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Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes | Justin Berl/Getty Images

For some, ketchup isn’t just a condiment, it’s a lifestyle. Even celebrities love the sweet tomato paste. Some even eat plain ketchup sandwiches. For NFL player Patrick Mahomes, ketchup holds a special place in his heart, and he’s being rewarded because of it. Do you share the love of ketchup? Then you’ll love these ketchup stories. 

Patrick Mahomes’ ketchup obsession

Growing up, Mahomes admits that he would eat ketchup sandwiches. Just ketchup and bread. That’s all. He shared this (not so) tasty bit of information during an interview with the Barstool Sports podcast, Pardon My Take

“That’s disgusting,” the podcast host commented, and Mahomes agreed, but said he’s grown out of the habit. When he was younger though, he would eat ketchup sandwiches as often as every other day. 

“Maybe that’s why I can throw it far. That might have been the trick,” Mahomes said. “That was definitely something I got away from as I got a little bit older.”

Even now, Mahomes still loves ketchup, although he stays away from plain ketchup sandwiches. But he does put ketchup on just about everything he can. He likes ketchup on mac and cheese and even ketchup on his steak. 

Patrick Mahomes’ love of ketchup opens up opportunities 

Last November, Heinz heard about Mahomes’ obsession with ketchup, and offered him an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. They tweeted Mahomes with an interesting message. “Hey @patrickmahomes5, you give us 57 touchdowns, we’ll give you Heinz on your steak for life.”

Mahomes quickly agreed, although he’s admitted to Yahoo Sports that he doesn’t have a preference between Heinz and any other brand of ketchup offered in the supermarket. However, there is one special ketchup that Mahomes can’t get enough of. 

“Not really,” Mahomes said when asked if he had a favorite brand. “I have Hunt’s, I do Heinz, I do it all. My favorite, probably, is the Whataburger ketchup. Texas people would know that.”

Even with the promise of sweet, sweet ketchup, Mahomes wasn’t able to meet the goal of 57 touchdowns, so he didn’t get the free ketchup for life. However, after his loss of the bet, Hunt’s came to Mahomes with an offer. 

Mahomes announced on his Twitter account that he had signed an endorsement deal with Hunt’s. The tweet read, “Focused on football and the next several weeks, but excited to join the Hunt’s Ketchup family. More to come in the off-season.”

We guess the love of ketchup can pay off. 

Mark Cuban and other celebrities also love ketchup

Mahomes isn’t the only celebrities to eat ketchup on much more than burgers. Mark Cuban admitted to Business Insider that when he was struggling financially, we would eat ketchup and mustard sandwiches. It’s hard to imagine anything more unappetizing. 

“I had a whole lot of fun and loved my life,” Cuban said, “when I was eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches and sleeping on the floor of a 3 bedroom apartment that housed me and 5 buddies.”

Previous Heinz promoter, Ed Sheeran also loves ketchup. He loves it so much that he reached out to Heinz himself and proposed they work together. They developed a limited edition Ed Chup bottle just for him and his fans. He’s filmed a super cute Heinz commercial, and he even has a Heinz tattoo. Now that’s dedication to ketchup. 

Speaking of tattoos, Twilight star, Jackson Rathbone showed off his very own Heinz ketchup tattoo on The Wendy Williams Show. Rathbone said when he was growing up his dad used to ask, “Want a little burger with that ketchup?” Actually, that’s probably something many of us have been asked. But these stars have some major love for ketchup. Mahomes is in good company.