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Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Brittany Matthews Claps Back at Chiefs Fan, Telling Them to ‘Shut up’ After Criticism

As with many public figures, scrutiny finds its way into even the best NFL players' lives. Patrick Mahomes' fiancée, Brittany Matthews, isn't afraid to speak up and defend her man. Here's a look at their relationship and how she faces online criticism.

Patrick Mahomes is one of today’s most prominent sports stars. However, as with many public figures, scrutiny finds its way into even the best players’ lives. The NFL quarterback’s fiancée, Brittany Matthews, isn’t afraid to speak up and defend her man. Let’s take a look at Mahomes and Matthews’ relationship and how she faces online criticism.

How Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews met

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes attend the Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2019, in New York City
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes | James Devaney/Getty Images

Mahomes and Matthews are high school sweethearts. They met in school and attended prom together in 2013. After graduation, Matthews played soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler. Mahomes graduated the following year and attended Texas Tech University, 440 miles away from Matthews’ school. They survived the long-distance relationship.

Fast-forward to 2017, and Mahomes went to the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the NFL Draft. Meanwhile, Matthews was signing with the professional soccer team UMF Afturelding/Fram in Iceland. 

After less than a year, Matthews moved to Kansas City to be closer to Mahomes. She became a certified fitness trainer. Later, she launched her company, Brittany Lynne Fitness, offering various fitness programs she designed.

In 2020, the couple got engaged. The following year, she gave birth to their first child, Sterling Skye. Mahomes and Matthews plan to marry in 2022.

Brittany Matthews defends Patrick Mahomes

Matthews is fiercely protective of Mahomes. In a recent Twitter exchange, Matthews told a fan to shut up.

The dispute began after Matthews criticized some of the referees’ calls in the Chiefs’ October 10 game against the Buffalo Bills.

One Chiefs fan didn’t appreciate Matthews’ observations.

“Girl. I need you to stop,” the commenter clapped. “This was my team long before Patrick was here. It’s not giving the org a good look. Chiefs are bigger than you, me or any one player.”

Matthews didn’t back down or ignore the comment. She shot back: “In the nicest way possible…Shut up.”

This wasn’t her 1st time handling internet trolls


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In February 2021, Brittany Matthews once again faced online criticism, this time of her maternity photoshoot, Life & Style reported.

Internet trolls blasted her dress, calling it an abomination.

Matthews replied, “Well, ladies, not trying to look ‘skinny’ in my maternity pics, I’m very pregnant and not trying to make myself not look pregnant. Women being hateful to other women on social media seriously needs to stop! If you have nothing nice to say, THEN STFU.”

Matthews also responded in 2019 when trolls said her boyfriend could do better than her. She clapped back by posting a picture of herself in a bikini with the caption, “Me, when you get told all the time your boyfriend could do so much better.”

She has even received criticism for exercising. Petty as it may sound, trolls took issue with her fitness routine during pregnancy. She replied, “I truly had no idea how many people actually think working out during pregnancy is not good … my oh my. Do your research, peeps, there’s a lot of new info out.”

Being a public figure isn’t always easy. It helps to have tough skin to weather the storm of negativity. As for Matthews, she isn’t going to let anyone tell her how to live her life.