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Some Physical 100 cast members already knew each other before they filmed the Netflix show. But others became close friends through it. Fans can watch Shim Eu-ddeum and Cha Hyun-seung dancing ballet in a YouTube video right now.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Physical 100 Episodes 1-4.]

Shim Eu-ddeum and Cha Hyun-seung are on ‘Physical 100’

The show starts with the cast meeting each other and finding the sculpture of their torsos. Eu-ddeum was recognized because of her famous YouTube channel. She has over a million subscribers that watch her workout videos.

Hyun-seung also stood out in the beginning. People recognized him for being on the first season of Single’s Inferno. He had to wrestle to win a date in paradise there and won. So it wasn’t surprising that he did well in his one-on-one death match.

Fans are going to have to wait and watch how far they go. But it looks like Eu-ddeum and Hyun-seung are close.

Eu-ddeum danced ballet with Hyun-seung before ‘Physical 100’ on Netflix

The competitors made a video for Eu-ddeum’s YouTube channel for her series, What Kind of Exercise Are You Doing in January. “I’m a dancer, but I’ve never really had good experience with ballet,” Hyun-seung admitted.

They had two professional dancers, and married couple, Kim Youngjun and Kim Yoona teach them ballet. The lesson started with the students doing exercises focused on balance. 

Next, they had to work on their flexibility. Eu-ddeum managed to get her leg close to her head with the dancers pushing her. Hyun-seung wasn’t as flexible and stopped.

Their last mission was Eu-ddeum and Hyun-seung to perform a dance together. “It was so much fun!” he said afterward. “I wanted to learn ballet one day. But I wasn’t brave.”

The dancer later said, “I like how my posture became good.” Eu-ddeum also had fun. Youngjun and Yonna said they were good, and it actually came easier for Eu-ddeum.

Will Eu-ddeum and Hyun-seung help each other in the game?

Cha Hyun-seung smiles wearing a blue and white stripe shirt on 'Single's Inferno'.
Cha Hyun-seung on ‘Single’s Inferno’ | Netflix

The season started off as an individual game. But that changes later in the season, and it looks like alliances could help you.

In episode 4, the cast voted for 10 team leaders. They then had the power to pick team members from who chose them. This means having an impressive performance can get you power in the game, but also befriending competitors.

Hyun-seung managed to get on Yun Sung-bin’s coveted team. Nam Kyung-jin, the second popular leader, picked Eu-ddeum for his team. The leaders then had to pick which team they wanted to go against. Luckily for Eu-ddeum and Hyun-seung their leaders didn’t pick each other’s teams. That makes it more possible that they’ll both make it to the next phase of the competition, which is another step closer to the big prize. The match already happened revealing the mission is to build a bridge then carry sandbags across it.

So it looks like Hyun-seung and Eu-ddeum are doing well. But fans haven’t seen them work together or against each other yet.