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Prince George is at the age now where he is no longer a toddler and is considered a child. He attends school each day, and his personality is developing more and more as he grows older. But something interesting about the young prince is that at his new school, he is discouraged from having a best friend. Here’s why.

Prince George
Prince George of Cambridge | Andrew Milligan – Pool/Getty Images

Prince George attends Thomas’s Battersea School

Prince George, the oldest of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, attends Thomas’s Battersea School. The school reportedly has a pretty rigorous curriculum that teaches children everything from speaking skills to ballet. George does not attend the same school as Charlotte; she attends Willcocks Nursery School. It’s unclear why Will and Kate chose the school for George, but it could be because the curriculum is a bit different from other, more standard schools. George can attend the school up through age 13, but it’s not definite that he will be there for that long.

The school discourages students from making best friends

One interesting thing about the school is its policy about best friends. George is widely discouraged from making a best friend at the school. The main reason is that children at a young age tend to exclude others, possibly without even realizing it, when they have a close-knit group of friends. And George is being taught at Thomas’s Battersea that having a group where everyone is included assures no one can be left out. If a student has a birthday party, everyone in the class must be invited. There are reportedly signs around the school reminding children to be kind and inclusive, and the school doesn’t agree with the idea of best friends.

George does not yet know he’s a prince, and it’s unclear if his classmates do

George not having a best friend could benefit him. Since he’s royalty, some parents may want their children to become closer to him to be able to call him a best friend. However, George reportedly doesn’t actually know he’s a royal yet. Will has said that right now, being his father is the most important thing to him, and the two haven’t discussed his future role in the family yet. “There’ll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in, in the world,” his father said in an interview. “But right now it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing as much love as a I can as father.” It’s unclear if some of George’s classmates know he’s a prince.

George doesn’t appear to love school

George may be just like any child in the sense that some days, he doesn’t want to go to school. Will revealed back in 2017 that he had dropped his son off to school, but the boy did not want to go. It’s possible that waking up early to sit in a classroom for most of the day isn’t George’s thing, since he’s used to flying in private jets and meeting important people, such as Obama. While the young prince doesn’t appear to love school, that’s the case for many kids, and maybe it will grow on him as he gets older.

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