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According to a source who was allegedly close friends with Princess Diana, her youngest son Prince Harry has “absolutely no regrets” about his Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

The first episodes broke records internationally on the streaming platform. Furthermore, the series is reportedly part of a deal worth a staggering amount of money to Harry and Meghan Markle.

One insider said Harry couldn’t be happier with how he and Meghan portrayed themselves in the candid series. However, the source also noted that he hoped to eventually reach a place of understanding with his family, specifically his brother, which others say is now unlikely.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, at the draw for the Rugby League World Cup in 2020.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Jeremy Selwyn/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry has ‘absolutely no regrets’ about ‘Harry & Meghan’ on Netflix

A source told the Mirror about Harry’s alleged feelings on how the Harry & Meghan series has been received so far. “Harry is delighted with the narrative of the documentary and how he and Meghan came across,” the insider, an alleged friend of Diana, said. They added, “The reason for doing this was to share their truth on their lives.”

“He feels it told the story he wanted the world to hear and has absolutely no regrets,” the insider dished. Comparing Harry to Diana, they declared they were both “brave enough to fight back.”

“One of Diana’s reasons for speaking out was to help senior royals have an understanding of the impact on others caught up in the Firm,” said the source. 

Sources say Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship is ‘over’

That Mirror source also claimed that Harry hoped the Netflix series would lead to understanding from the royal family. The insider explained, “They hope it may prompt a greater understanding from the King and the Cambridges of how Harry and Meghan feel about their experiences in England.”

The Daily Mail sources reported that Prince William and the family are “unlikely” to respond to any attempts at reconciliation. “… Many believe it is unlikely [Harry] will ever be able to repair his relationship with them. Too much water has gone under the bridge,” they explained.

According to them, William and other royals allegedly believe how Harry and Meghan have portrayed their relationship with Queen Elizabeth II is unforgivable.

“Harry has made a virtue of protecting his grandmother through the whole of this saga — repeatedly making the point about how much respect he had for her and ruling her out of his claims about racism,” an insider claimed. “And yet this is what they were planning the whole time? It’s appalling.”

Opinions vary on whether Prince William will publicly respond to allegations made by Prince Harry


Body Language Expert Notes a ‘Dramatic Shift’ in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Relationship

Some experts think William is probably not going to respond to claims made by Harry and Meghan publicly. However, royal correspondent Cameron Walker believes there’s a possibility the Prince of Wales could feel obligated to speak out.

Walker spoke to GB News (via MSN) and said, “I can imagine if there’s a particularly damaging trailer allegation, then they may well respond.”

“We can’t really question the fact that Harry and Megan genuinely believe what they feel. But clearly there is an issue here where we’re only getting half the truth,” Walked added. “