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Unlike the 2022 vigil for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry didn’t wear his military uniform to the coronation of his father, King Charles III. Instead, the Duke of Sussex wore a suit and tie. Pretty standard, right? Not necessarily. According to an expert, Harry “spoke volumes” with his choice of clothing.  

Harry wore a Dior suit to King Charles III’s coronation in May 2023

Prince Harry, whose Dior suit at King Charles III's coronation sent a 'message,' according to an expert, looks on
Prince Harry | Andy Stenning/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Discussing Harry’s return to London, England, for the king’s crowning on May 6, 2023, royal fashion expert and celebrity stylist, Miranda Holder explained why the 38-year-old’s outfit — a Dior suit — drew attention. 

“Harry’s brief appearance at the coronation was always going to be controversial,” Holder said (via Daily Mail). “Every second that he was under the watchful eye of the many cameras, every move he made would be ruthlessly scrutinised [sic].” 

“Due to him not wearing any sort of ceremonial uniform, his style choices would be at the top of the list,” she continued. The majority of coronation guests, she noted, opted “to support the best of British brands at such a uniquely patriotic occasion.” 

Whereas “Harry did not get the fashion memo.” Instead, he wore a custom suit designed by Kim Jones for the French fashion house Dior. Sure, he “turned up looking smart” and maybe a little “apprehensive” in the “immaculate” suit, complete with military medals. However, Holder called it a “potentially rebellious move” by Harry. 

Harry sent an ‘I’m doing this my own way’ message with his Dior suit at the coronation

“In true royal family style, Harry, like his late grandmother, is a true expert in visual representation,” Holder continued. “And his decision to wear a French designer to this historic occasion spoke volumes.”

The royal fashion expert shared Harry made himself clear via his choice of clothing

“The message was clearly, ‘I’m here, but I’m doing this my own way,’” she said, calling it a “firm assertion that his newfound independence was not going to change. That he would run alongside the royal pack rather than within it.”

Holder also described Dior as “a little bit more shouty, and a little bit more ‘look at me’” next to “the quiet luxury of the British designer’s aesthetic.” 

Although Dior is Meghan Markle’s so-called “fashion armor,” and she and Harry have been spotted wearing the French label’s designs, neither the Duke nor Duchess of Sussex are inking a deal with the couturier. The couple, as well as Dior, dismissed rumors of a brand ambassadorship following the coronation. 

Prince Harry doesn’t ‘think about clothing’ or ‘believe in fashion’

Prince Harry, who wore a Dior suit to the coronation, wears Dior in London, England
Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Harry shared his thoughts on fashion in his January 2023 Spare memoir. Namely, that it’s not his thing. So, chances are, he doesn’t have a history of painstakingly working out every detail of what to wear on walkabouts

“As a rule I didn’t think about clothing,” Harry said in Spare. “I didn’t fundamentally believe in fashion, and I couldn’t understand why anybody would.” 

Harry went on to say he preferred to shop at T.K. Maxx, the U.K.’s version of T.J. Maxx, for “everyday casual clothes.” During the retailer’s sales, which he’d been “particularly fond” of, Harry would systematically comb through racks and leave feeling “triumphant.”