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According to a body language expert, Prince William and Kate Middleton display a “magnificent” bond through their loving body language. 

Some analysts have concluded that, despite going through many of the ups and downs of royal life in the last few years, the Prince and Princess of Wales have grown in confidence. One expert has noticed that they usually show off a ”strong, loving” relationship. And their behavior indicates how united and prepared they are for their current and future roles.

Side-by-side photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton during a visit to Scarborough in 2022. One expert noted their 'magnificent' body language shows their strong bond.
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince William and Kate Middleton have ‘magnificent’ body language and a ‘strong, loving’ bond, expert says

While talking about William and Kate on Australia’s Sunrise Morning Show, body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler exclaimed, “Aren’t they magnificent?!”

She explained how their attention to each other shows they are “strong and loving” and added, “But I’ll take that a step further and say these two take their roles very seriously.”

Mahler pointed out how William, Kate, and other royals “show us how to behave” and how they used that in recent years. “[They’re] showing that touch is back, and post-pandemic, this is really important that we’re touching each other,” she noted.

Mahler concluded, “Nothing is an accident with them. It’s all calculated, and it’s beautiful. They are a magnificent couple.”

‘Magnificent’ Prince William and Kate Middleton convey their seriousness through their artful body language

In another analysis for Woman’s Day, Mahler compared William and Kate to a work of art. “… The way that they do everything so perfectly,” she explained. “They have the smile when it’s needed. They have the serious face when it’s needed, they bow their head, they do everything to perfection.”

While focusing on the couple’s walkabout at Windsor Castle with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Mahler pointed out there is a message in the way they “walk in a straight line… keep the arms moving… move the legs.”

According to Mahler, they maintained their composure despite their mourning over the death of Queen Elizabeth II and any feelings about their company. “What is absolutely clear is that William and Kate do not want to be associated with [Harry and Meghan]. They are being polite. And it’s a very minimum. Otherwise, they’re getting no eye contact. Distance is being kept,” she explained.

Prince William and Kate Middleton ’effortlessly’ transitioned into new roles


Body Language Expert Notes Prince William and Kate Middleton Sometimes Form a ‘Perfect Heart Shape’ When Showing Affection

Mahler isn’t the only expert who thinks William and Kate have shown consistent strength and preparation. Royal author Katie Nicholl told People the couple’s transition to their new roles was ”seamless.”

“William’s years of being mentored by his grandmother and his father have really paid off because the transition to Prince of Wales has been seamless,” Nicoll explained. “Kate has also effortlessly moved into a role with so much weight and history and is already making it her own.”

Some experts argue that their confident body language, even under pressure, shows how they are the ”leaders of the pack.”

“While they have both taken on new titles and more senior roles within the royal hierarchy, they have done so while staying very true to who they are and the causes they have championed,” Nicholl explained. “It’s no coincidence that one of Kate’s first engagements was to a maternity unit in Surrey, and as Princess of Wales, she’s going to bring even more attention to her Early Years foundation.”