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Prince William Refused To Speak To Princess Diana After She Did This

A new documentary claims that Prince William gave Princess Diana the cold shoulder after she opened up about her failing marriage on national TV. Here is a look at the moment William had enough of his mother and how her actions affected the rest of the royal family.

In his younger years, Prince William typically sided with his mom whenever he got the chance. But a new documentary claims that he gave Princess Diana the cold shoulder after she opened up about her failing marriage on national TV. Here is a look at the moment William had enough of his mother and how her actions affected the rest of the royal family.

Prince William, Princess Diana, and Prince Harry
Princess Diana, Princess of Wales with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry | Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Prince William believes Princess Diana went ‘too far’

In the new documentary, Prince William at Thirty, experts on the royal family revealed that William was extremely upset about how his mother handled the end of her marriage to Prince Charles. According to Express, William thought his mom crossed the line in discussing Prince Charles’ cheating ways during her interview on BBC’s Panorama with Martin Bashir. Although William always held his mom in high esteem, he refused to talk to her following the explosive interview.

“For him, the idea of playing out one’s troubles and wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve and bringing humiliation onto the Royal Family – well, that was a big no-no,” Katie Nicholl, an expert on the royal family, revealed.

Nicholl added that William stopped talking to Diana for several days after the interview. Prince Williams’ behavior proved devastating for Princess Diana, especially considering how close they had become over the years. The interview also caused some serious fallout within the ranks of the royal family, as outlets across the world published stories about Charles’ cheating scandal.

Diana, of course, admitted to cheating in the interview as well. She also opened up about suffering from an eating disorder, which lead to self-harm. Looking back, Diana’s openness about her personal struggles was unique at the time and is why she remains a beloved figure to this day.

Royal family reacts to Princess Diana’s bombshell interview

One of the most shocking admissions in the interview came when Diana talked about how she felt like a third wheel in her own marriage. After Diana revealed that there “were three of us” in the relationship, the public immediately began to speculate that Diana was talking about Charles’ relationship with his former lover, Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he would later marry.

The interview was so shocking that Diana’s ex-spokesman, Dickie Arbiter, called it the dumbest thing she ever did. Arbiter attempted to call Diana after it aired, but she refused to talk. When he finally got through, he let her know exactly what he thought about the interview.

Diana, of course, was no stranger to starting fires. The Princess of Wales gained a reputation for breaking the rules of the family. Her bombshell interview, however, was too much for the royal family to handle.

Shortly after the special aired, Buckingham Palace told the media that Queen Elizabeth advised Diana and Charles to separate and obtain a divorce. The pair followed Her Majesty’s direction and officially divorced in July of 1996. Diana tragically passed away a year later from a car accident in France.

Princess Diana targeted Charles in her explosive tell-all

Some royal experts believe that Diana agreed to the controversial interview because she wanted to get back at Charles for cheating on her. At the time, nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors, which made her revelations even more shocking. It also damaged Charles’ public image, and he has yet to fully recover to this day.

While Diana’s interview was revelatory, she reportedly had no idea William would react like that. Fortunately, William did not cut off communication for long and eventually found his way back to his mother.

Following Diana’s death, William and Prince Harry admitted that they were confused by how the world reacted to her passing. The brothers, who were young boys at the time of Diana’s accident, revealed that they did not understand why people who had never met their mom were mourning her death. But after they learned about all the good things she did in life, they understood why her passing affected so many people around the world.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially parted ways in 1992, four years before their divorce was finalized, Charles and Camilla continued their romance following his divorce and decided to tie the knot in 2005.

The royal family has not addressed the latest documentary about Prince William’s early years, which originally aired on YouTube.