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Prince William has been taking on all of the royal duties between him and his wife, Kate Middleton, as Kate continues to work through her cancer treatment. Back in March 2024, Kate shocked the world when, after more than two months out of the spotlight, the Princess of Wales announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and would be undergoing chemotherapy.

William, as a result, has been the only one attending royal engagements, and he recently apologized at a royal event because he knew his wife “would have loved” to join in.

Prince William meets with school children in April 2024
Prince William meets with school children in April 2024 | David Rose/Pool/AFP

Prince William apologized on behalf of Kate Middleton at recent royal engagement

Nobody is upset with the princess for taking time away from royal duties. Kate is much loved in the United Kingdom, and everybody wants to see her get healthy. For now, William is the only Wales family member taking on royal duties, though he has had a more limited schedule due to spending time with his wife and kids.

According to Express, on April 25, William made a surprise visit to St. Michael’s Church of England High School in Rowley Regis, Sandwell, England. It was after William’s team received a letter from then-12-year-old Freddie Hadley, who encouraged the prince and princess to come out and see the mental health initiatives the school had taken. And William apologized on Kate’s behalf for her absence while speaking to a staff member.

“I am sorry Catherine can’t be here as well,” he said. “She would have loved to.”

William received the letter back in October, and though he couldn’t come out to the school right away, Express reports that William asked his team to plan a visit to meet Freddie — but that it would be a surprise. And on April 25, William kept his word, checking out the school and spending time with Freddie.

Prince William greets students at St. Michael's Church of England School on April 25
Prince William greets students at St. Michael’s Church of England School on April 25 | Karwai Tang/WireImage

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It’s unclear when Kate Middleton could return to royal duties

There have been very few updates on Kate’s health since she made her announcement on March 22. The Princess of Wales has been out of the spotlight and has asked for continued privacy while she undergoes chemotherapy treatment. However, she did not reveal when or if she would return to royal duties.

There have been rumors that Kate could attend a few important royal engagements over the summer, but the assumption is that none of the sources are entirely accurate. Given Kate’s diagnosis, each individual is different and it would be nearly impossible to put an official timeline on anything. However, William’s words about Kate at the school visit suggest she is still in good spirits and wishes she could have joined him on that venture. Time will tell whether Kate does make it out to a few public appearances during the summer.