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It’s no secret that after she married Prince Charles, Princess Diana struggled to adjust to royal life. There have been multiple reports that she never got along with Charles’ sister, Princess Anne, and that Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, Princess Margaret, wasn’t always a fan of Diana either. But there was one royal the Princess of Wales didn’t care for and always played pranks on.

Read on to find out who that was and what negative things that royal said about Diana after her death.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Bettmann / Contributor/Getty

The royal Princess Diana disliked and played pranks on

While Princess Diana didn’t see eye to eye with a few ladies in the royal family, she only pulled pranks on one.

In the Amazon Prime documentary Princess Diana — The Woman Inside, journalist Richard Kay revealed that the royal who Diana used to prank often was Princess Michael of Kent. Princess Michael is married to the queen’s cousin and was Diana’s neighbor at Kensington Palace.

“[Diana] certainly liked a joke, she had particular targets of her jokes,” Kay said. “Poor old Princess Michael of Kent, who was her closest neighbor, often was on the receiving end.”

Kay and Diana’s personal trainer, Carolan Brown, spoke about some of the pranks the Princess of Wales pulled on Princess Michael.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“I bought [Diana] an outfit to wear, which was a thong,” Brown recalled. “Thongs were just coming into fitness-wear fashion, and she was very happy to wear it.”

Kay explained that one day “Diana rushed out in a very revealing gym kit and surprised Princess Michael as she and a whole bunch of rather stuffy friends were going off to the races.”

Brown added, “Diana wanted to embarrass them — which I think she did achieve!”

Kay said that another time Diana and her friend, Simone Simmons, put on green avocado facemasks and “thrust their faces together out of the window looking like a pair of Martians, as Princess Michael was again about to get into a grand car to go somewhere important.” 

In the documentary, Simmons admitted Diana “didn’t like Princess Michael of Kent and the feeling was mutual.”

Princess Michael had an icy relationship with other royals too

Princess Michael of Kent
Princess Michael of Kent | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 2005, Princess Michael badmouthed the late princess to undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood, who posed as a Sheikh, and her remarks were made public.

According to royal author Katie Nicholl, “Princess Michael of Kent described Diana as nasty and bitter” and suggested that she was merely just a “womb” for Prince Charles.

But Diana isn’t the only person Princess Michael criticized over the years. She also had a few things to say about some other members of the royal family.

Princess Michael said that Prince William was “too young” to marry Kate Middleton when he did and claimed that “Charles was jealous of [Diana’s] fame.”

She also feuded with Princess Anne and the queen’s daughter gave her the nickname “Princess Pushy.”

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