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It’s common knowledge that Princess Diana’s sister Lady Sarah Spencer spent a brief time dating Prince Charles before he married Princess Diana.

And she’s not alone. After the Prince of Wales fell for Camilla but had to give up hope of ever having a relationship with her, he dated around for a while, trying to find a suitable wife who he could stand being married to. Lady Sarah fit the requirements because she had the right background and upbringing. However, these two didn’t click at all.

Prince Charles met the shy, naïve yet beautiful Diana in 1977 when she was just 16 years old and he was dating her older sister. Years later, Lady Sarah called herself a matchmaker and outwardly approved of her relationship with Charles. “I introduced them. I’m Cupid,” she reportedly said after the two got engaged. But why didn’t she want to marry him herself?

Prince Charles and Lady Sarah Spencer
Prince Charles and Lady Sarah Spencer | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Lady Sarah Spencer knew she wouldn’t marry Prince Charles

There’s a very important, logical reason why Lady Sarah knew she couldn’t marry Prince Charles, and it had everything thing to do with how she felt about him. The fact was she didn’t love him.

We know this because Lady Sarah spent some time speaking with two reporters about the relationship, which obviously Prince Charles did not approve of. After a weekend at Windsor Castle, Sarah bluntly said, “Charles makes me laugh a lot. I really enjoy being with him,” but then added “there is no chance of my marrying him. I’m not in love with him.”

“And I wouldn’t marry anyone I didn’t love whether he were the dustman or the King of England,” Lady Sarah confirmed. She also called Prince Charles a “romantic who falls in love easily.”

Prince Charles and Lady Sarah Spencer
Prince Charles and Lady Sarah Spencer | © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Lady Sarah didn’t see anything wrong with Prince Charles personally

Many sources at the time and even now quote Lady Sarah as saying she wouldn’t marry Prince Charles if he were the “dustman or the King of England.” But leaving out the first part of what she said makes it sound like she didn’t care for the Prince of Wales. In truth, she did like him; the two just didn’t have chemistry together.

Hearing the whole quote makes it much more obvious why Lady Sarah would set up her little sister with Prince Charles — maybe she didn’t love him, but she knew Diana would. Unfortunately, Sarah was absolutely correct.

Princess Diana and Lady Sarah
Princess Diana and Lady Sarah Mccorquodale | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Prince Charles probably never loved Princess Diana like she loved him

It was the most tragic stories of unrequited love ever. Even though Princess Diana fell hard for young Prince Charles, he never returned her affection, at least not the way she wanted.

When an interviewer asked if Prince Charles loved Diana during their engagement interview (a strange question to begin with), the Prince of Wales gave the cringe-worthy response, “Whatever love means,” and laughed. It was a foreshadowing of much darker days to come.

Lady Sarah couldn’t have known any of this would happen or she never would have wanted her sister to date Prince Charles. These days, Lady Sarah remains close with her nephews, Prince William and Prince Harry.