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In a rare interview, Mike Stone says that he believed Priscilla Presley felt “stuck, trapped, and not able to breathe” in her marriage to Elvis Presley. By the time of their affair, Priscilla was “trying to find herself” outside of her marriage to the King of Rock and Roll. Stone believes that Priscilla was looking for something new when their relationship began and believes that others shouldn’t judge a person’s actions unless you truly understand their circumstances.

Mike Stone claims Priscilla Presley was about ‘trying to find herself’ during their union

Fifty years after his affair with Priscilla Presley became public, legendary Karate instructor Mike Stone broke his silence on their relationship. He shared his thoughts on why Priscilla and Elvis’ relationship stagnated and how their union played a small part in her personal evolution.

In 2021, Stone spoke to the outlet Elvis Information Network, recalling his part in the breakdown of the marriage of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. However, Stone says fans should consider all sides of the story before pointing fingers.

“I do understand how fans would feel that way,” he said. “But unless you have walked at least a mile in someone else’s shoes, be grateful and humble; you have feet.”

He feels Priscilla was looking for a new experience outside her marriage as their relationship evolved. Stone was one of Priscilla’s karate instructors then; the other was Ed Parker.

“But aren’t we all looking for new things in our life, especially when we feel stuck, trapped, unable to breathe, and move about freely?” Stone declared. “At that particular time, maybe that is how she felt, like growing, learning, trying to find herself.:

He continued, “Most of us will go through life never really knowing who we are. How much fun and freedom can that be for anyone?”

Priscilla Presley and Mike Stone kept their affair quiet for a year

Priscilla Presley photographed at her boutique Bis and Beau in the early 1970s.
Priscilla Presley photographed at her boutique Bis and Beau in the early 1970s | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Mike Stone revealed that Priscilla Presley waited a significant amount of time before telling Elvis Presley about their affair. He said they dated for a long time before Priscilla told her husband she and Stone were romantically involved.

Stone said his and Priscilla’s relationship was kept secret for almost a year until she flew to Vegas to tell him. “It was Priscilla’s decision to tell Elvis when she felt confident and secure in our relationship to tell Elvis.”

“Priscilla had made up her mind that she was leaving him, no separation, only a divorce. Surely, I cannot be held accountable for her separation.”

However, Stone admitted that while Elvis may not have known about his and Priscilla’s union as a couple, they didn’t hide their relationship publically. He said they spent time in Huntington Beach, California, where his Karate school was, and were out and about regularly.

Stone added, “We lived in Marina Del Rey for about a year. Then two-plus years on Summit Drive.”

Mike Stone revealed that Priscilla Presley was the first to make contact


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Mike Stone further elaborated on his relationship with Priscilla Presley in an interview with the Elvis: The Ultimate Fan Channel Podcast. He claimed she was the first to reach out to him.

“I was teaching a private lesson in the afternoon,” he said. A co-instructor picked up the phone “and interrupted the class, saying ‘Mr. Stone, Priscilla Presley’s calling.'”

“When she called back, this time I answered the phone,” Stone continued. She then said she was interested in watching his classes.

Their relationship began as a student and teacher relationship. A romance evolved naturally, Stone said.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley separated in 1972 after five years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 1973.