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Princess Anne and Queen Camilla appear to have a strong relationship. They have reportedly grown close over the years. Here’s what a royal expert said about their bond.

Princess Anne and Queen Camilla get along despite their history

Princess Anne and Queen Camilla attend an event with King Charles.
Princess Anne, Queen Camilla, and King Charles | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal expert Judi James says Princess Anne and Queen Camilla have a good rapport despite their history. Queen Camilla’s ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, reportedly dated Princess Anne before they were married. Parker Bowles is also the godfather of Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s daughter.

“These two women share history, with Anne once rumored to be in a relationship with Camilla’s husband,” James tells Express. “This makes the whole Charles/Camilla/Anne/Andrew Parker Bowles dynamic rather racy, and the relationships between each of the four people involved a possible minefield.”

James continues, “Anne is still very strong friends with Andrew though, while Camilla famously married her prince who became king. As a result, we have two women with a lot in common but also a pile of potential in terms of resentment and rifts.”

James says Princess Anne and Queen Camilla could have clashed over status. However, they managed to form a good relationship.

“Possibly the greatest problem could have been one of status,” says James. “When Camilla married Charles, she leap-frogged from mistress to the queen consort. This might not have sat kindly with Anne, who could in turn still have viewed Camilla as that ‘other woman.’”

Princess Anne and Queen Camilla appear comfortable with each other

Princess Anne and Queen Camilla chat during a royal engagement.
Princess Anne and Queen Camilla | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

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James goes on to say Queen Camilla appears relaxed when spending time with Princess Anne. They have developed a close relationship over the years. James says their interactions don’t seem to be for show.

“Camilla’s non-verbal signals in public often suggest existing levels of social anxiety, but she tends to look quite relaxed and animated with Anne, using gestures that suggest she is comfortable instigating some of the jokes they appear to be sharing,” says James. “Their mutual laughter goes beyond what would be expected if there were some animosity or frostiness now.”

James continues, “If they were putting on a show for the cameras, a few moments of polite conversation would have been all that would have been necessary. However, their body language rituals together involve eye contact and some very empathetic-looking touch, with Camilla even holding Anne’s wrist as though keen to encourage her to stay and chat longer.”

Queen Camilla has maintained her ‘dignity,’ says Angela Levin

In her book Camilla: From Outsider to Queen Consort, royal biographer Angela Levin says she is impressed by how Queen Camilla remained dignified even in the face of media attacks. She mentions that some people blame Camilla for Princess Diana’s death and for the divorce of Diana and Charles.

Levin says Queen Camilla mostly keeps to herself instead of sharing what she thinks or how she feels. She praises her for rarely displaying her feelings in public. According to Levin, Queen Camilla encourages senior royals to maintain their composure in public when they are working. She is also described as an “easy-going optimist” who prefers to look for the best in others.  

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