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The British Royal family has a long list of rules and regulations about everything from pregnancy to bowing and curtsying. However, the most complicated thing about the royals is their names. When royals are born, selecting their names can be an exhausting endeavor for parents who have to choose something they like while also paying homage to the history of the royal family. As the royals get older and earn various titles –things get even more complicated. As the head of the royal family, what is Queen Elizabeth II full name?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s full name

When Queen Elizabeth was born in 1926 — her parents, George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon thought long and hard about her name.

The queen’s full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was named Elizabeth after her mother the Duchess of York who later became Queen Elizabeth. Her middle name, Alexandra was given to her in remembrance of her father’s mother Alexandra of Denmark who had passed away six months before the queen’s birth. Finally, the name Mary was given to her in honor of her paternal grandmother –Mary of Teck. When the queen was born, she was not in line to sit on the throne. If her parents had known her fate, we wonder if they might have chosen a different name.

As a child, the curly headed queen was called, Lilibet by her close family. She got the nickname because she couldn’t pronounce her name correctly at first. Lilibet just stuck.

Queen Elizabeth’s last name

Last names are extremely tricky in the royal family. Essentially if a royal has His or Her Royal Highness attached to their official titles, there is no need for a last name. However, since they are fancy like the folks on Game of Thrones, the royals do have a family house name which they can use as a last name when they are in school, joining the military. or doing other “normal” things. The royal house name is Mountbatten-Windsor. Mountbatten is Prince Philip –the queen’s husband’s name and her family name is Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t take Prince Philip’s name, so her name is just Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth’s title

As the head of the British Royal family and the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth has a very plush and fancy title. When she is addressed formally, Prince William and Prince Harry’s grandma is called, Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. We told you the royals are very dramatic about their names.

Who will succeed Queen Elizabeth?

Though the sovereign is 92-years old, she has reigned since 1952, and it looks like she has no plans of stepping down anytime soon. However, once she does end her reign, her heir apparent is her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales. Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth. Next in line after the Prince of Wales is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles’ oldest son.

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