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Food Network star Rachael Ray’s fettuccine starring summer corn is a fresh bite of the summer season, packed with sweet seasonal corn.

The daytime show host’s dish brings summer to the table in a delicious comfort food meal.

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray wears a long-sleeved black blouse in this photograph.
Rachael Ray | Getty Images/Getty Images for NYCFWW

Ray says her dish ‘tastes like corn chowder’

The chef’s summery pasta dish calls for a pound of fettuccine pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, chopped smoky bacon, shucked corn from six ears, chopped shallots and red bell pepper, half-and-half or heavy cream (or as Ray writes in the recipe, “whatever you put in your coffee”), chicken stock or dry white wine, fresh thyme, hot sauce, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, and fresh torn sweet basil leaves.

Ray says on Food Network’s site page for this recipe, “This pasta tastes like corn chowder, a summer favorite of mine. Bring home a bushel of corn at summer’s end and cook, scrape and freeze summer-fresh flavor by making your own frozen corn kernels.”

Get the complete recipe and reviews on Food Network’s site.

Another delicious corn pasta recipe from celebrity chef Rachael Ray.

Rachael Ray’s corn with fettuccine is a quick summer meal

Ray first cooks the bacon in a skillet with a “drizzle” of oil until it’s “rendered and crisp.” 

She puts “¾ of the scraped corn and any corn liquid” into the pan with the bacon. The shallots and red bell pepper are added to the skillet, salted, peppered, and cooked “until the vegetables are tender.” Ray then purees the remaining corn kernels, along with the half-and-half, in a food processor.

The Rachael Ray Show star shares her secret for easily shucking corn: place a small bowl upside down into a large bowl. Use the smaller bowl’s base to keep each ear of corn in place as you scrape the corn kernels off.

The stock (or the wine, if you’re using it) is added into the skillet with the corn and vegetables and simmered “over low heat for a minute to reduce.” Ray adds the thyme and pureed corn into the skillet and continues to cook for about four minutes, being sure to stir the mixture frequently, until it’s thickened. 

Season with the hot sauce, as well as salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Place the cooked, warm fettuccine in a “large serving bowl,” and spoon the sauce over it along with “a couple of handfuls of the cheese.” Scatter the torn basil over the final dish.


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Reviewers loved Ray’s summery corn and pasta meal

There aren’t many vegetables that scream summer as much as fresh, sweet corn and Rachael Ray puts it to optimal use in this satisfying dish, according to Food Network reviewers.

“This is a brilliant recipe, Rachael! My family loves it and I’ve made it half a dozen times already. The flavors are incredible but to put it over the top, I suggest using an orange bell pepper and whole wheat pasta. Absolutely amazing!,” one home cook gushed.

Another person was pleased with the recipe’s simplicity, especially for those new to cooking: “Being a beginner cook I found this recipe easy to make and cheap! It was extremely flavorful and absolutely delicious. I had friends over and this recipe was one to impress them. They were very pleased and surprised. No leftovers that night! Will be making it again in the future many times. If you love corn chowder and pasta this is a twist for you.”