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Raquel Leviss, formerly a Vanderpump Rules star, has been in the headlines since the spring, when “Scandoval” started making waves with fans.

The bombshell affair between Leviss and Tom Sandoval went public in March 2023, shocking fans and causing Leviss to apologize publicly to those she hurt. After she entered a mental health treatment facility in early summer, Leviss went silent. However, she left the facility in July and is now ready to speak out.

The former reality star sat down with Bethenny Frankel in August. Leviss opened up about her family and how they’ve supported her through the scandal and the aftermath.

Raquel Leviss born

Leviss recently opened up to Frankel on an episode of her Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast, discussing her roots and her deep family ties. In the interview, Leviss’ first since “Scandoval” went public, she revealed that she wanted to share her side of the story.

“I feel like most of my life I’ve been afraid. I’ve had, I’ve struggled with social anxiety. I’ve struggled with judgment from other people,” Leviss said.

Leviss is a quintessential California girl, having been born in the state in 1994 and competing in beauty pageants throughout her young adult life. These days, according to Life & Style Magazine, Leviss still lives in California, in North Hollywood.

Parents of Raquel Leviss

Leviss was adopted and is very close with her parents, including her mom, Laura. Raquel Leviss’ parents have supported her throughout the devastating scandal, as she discussed in her interview with Frankel.

“I’m very close with my family. My parents are still married, and we have a really tight-knit family,” Leviss said. “My mom is a little bit — she’s a mama bear. She’s very torn up about this situation… It’s really hard for her, and I feel that pain for her because I put our family in this situation.”

According to Distractify, Leviss’ mother works as a home stager. Her father, whose name is unknown, prefers to remain out of the spotlight altogether.

Raquel Leviss real name

Leviss was given the name Rachel at birth. The Bravolebrity told Frankel she changed it to Raquel in first grade because she wanted to feel special. However, Leviss noted, “I also feel like deep down, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to be somebody better in my eyes. So Raquel was a way for me to kind of be that person. The name has stuck ever since.”

However, things changed when Leviss was in therapy. “We were doing some inner child work where you typically write with your left hand, and my therapist asked me to write my name on the whiteboard, and I wrote Rachel,” Leviss revealed. “And she was like, ‘Interesting, I see you as Rachel to your core. You’re going by Raquel, which is OK, but it’s not true to who you are; it’s a wall that you have up.'”

Leviss then told Frankel, “So I’m really just trying to come back to my roots, and I am introducing myself as Rachel.”


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Raquel Leviss sister

Leviss also has a half-sister, Kate Couture-Moncure. Couture-Moncure has also appeared on Vanderpump Rules and is a vocal defender of her sister. A real estate agent and former professional makeup artist, Couture-Moncure is very close to Leviss and often shares pictures on Instagram of her and their family unit.

For Leviss, who has been through the wringer over the past several months, her family is much more than a support system – they have been a veritable lifeline.