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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas from The Real Housewives of Orange County was shocked when she was fired, revealing that producers renewed her contract only weeks before she was removed from the show’s cast roster. “A hundred percent thought I was going back,” she said about returning for season 16 on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “Never even for a minute questioned it. I mean, I talked to other producers. I mean, I talked to other people, other everything, and my contract was still in place. And you know, I guess that just shows you that when the almighty dollar is, you know, the end result that everyone’s disposable.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas truly thought her place on ‘RHOC’ was safe

 Vargas said she thought her place on the show was already locked in. “Well, I’ve heard a week before that I got it,” she continued. “So I prepared, I heard a week before they announced … the night that they announced everybody I got a call that day from my manager.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Kelly Dodd have cocktails on The Real Housewives of Orange County
Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Kelly Dodd have cocktails on The Real Housewives of Orange County | Randy Shropshire/Bravo

“And he was in Mexico, sipping margaritas in a pool,” she recalled. “He’s like, just got engaged and I’m like, great. And he goes, and by the way, you didn’t get picked up. Sorry. I don’t know how to tell you this, but they pulled your contract when a week before they had already solidified the contracts. I already have one. You don’t have to redo it. You can just renegotiate, but I already have one. And just, they pulled the whole contract. So I mean, that contract included my Vargas Vodka in there for so many years and all sorts of stuff.”

Was Bravo building drama when they renewed her contract?

“So it was interesting that they just pulled it,” she reflected. “And I could probably do you know something about something, but I’m not going to, because I’m going to go out on top. And I don’t, I don’t feel like ruffling any feathers.”

Vargas said producers had even reached out to her weeks prior to congratulate her for returning to the show … and then her contract was pulled. Was everyone on the show confirmed and then producers backtracked and fired certain cast members? “You know, Bravo is very much so like that,” Vargas remarked. “It could have been anything, darling. I cannot say yes or no with this group, but you know, I mean, they know how to build drama. Andy Cohen is excellent. He’s a brilliant mind. He knows how to build that anticipation. Just like saying Tamra and Vicki are coming back, who knows. And then they’re doing some TikTok like, come on ladies.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is moving on but says her ‘RHOC’ would have been great

While Vargas admits she was disappointed, she’s already moved on. “Well, at first I was shocked and my business instinct kicks in and I’m like, OK, I gotta solve this other issues,” she said. “Like the show is just part of marketing for me. It was like, yeah, I can go on the show and be stupid and have some fun with some girls. Launch my vodka. My weekend rescue ranch is my primary goal to save the animals.”


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“And I thought this was going to be a great second season where I can focus on building the rescue, you know, building the brand,” she added. “And I come from being a cult member to, you know, a Housewife to, you know, or to divorced. Building my empire after divorce. It would have been a great storyline to have.”