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Real Housewives of New Jersey is back in full swing, and somehow it looks like there could be more drama than last season. Veteran cast members Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are once again a part of the show, and while the two women aren’t actually on speaking terms, they do have interesting storylines.

Melissa recently shared photos from her daughter Antonia’s 18th birthday party on Instagram, and while plenty of fans appreciated the images, some people accused the reality star of editing her daughter in the pictures.

Antonia Gorga with Melissa and Joe Gorga
Antonia Gorga with Melissa and Joe Gorga | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Some fans accuse Melissa Gorga of editing her daughter, Antonia, in Instagram photos

Let’s start by saying: There is no proof that Melissa edited the images, and it’s not unusual for trolls and haters to comment on reality stars’ social media content. On May 12, Gorga took to Instagram to share some photos from Antonia’s birthday dinner in honor of the episode premiering that night. Plenty of fans loved the photos, but there were a number of comments accusing Gorga of altering Antonia’s appearance in the images.

“How do you condone altering your daughter’s appearance? Please be a role model and not a follower,” one user wrote.

“Really weird to edit your teenage daughter,” someone else commented.

“Stop photoshopping your beautiful daughter,” another commented added.

Neither Gorga nor her daughter responded to any of the haters’ comments, and it remains unclear if there was actually any editing done. Of course, it’s relatively normal for celebrities to use basic photo-editing apps (even Kate Middleton has come clean about experimenting with editing), but whether it’s true or not, Gorga ignored the haters.

Joe Gorge and Melissa Gorga with their daughter, Antonia Gorga
Joe Gorge and Melissa Gorga with their daughter, Antonia Gorga | Manny Carabel/Getty Images for ABA

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Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are no longer on speaking terms

Things did not end well between Teresa and her brother, Joe Gorga, last season. For a while, Joe and Teresa were on great terms, but when Teresa’s now-husband Louie Ruelas came into the picture, the brother-sister relationship went south. Melissa Gorga is married to Joe, and though she and Teresa are two of the show’s biggest stars, they don’t actually have a relationship at all.

RHONJ’s 14th season premiered on May 5, and the trailer promises to bring more drama than ever. It seems none of the Housewives can stay civil for very long, and inevitably, it all comes to a head.

Teresa and Melissa’s kids supposedly still have a decent relationship, though people only know that through social media. At one point, Antonia was so close with Gabrielle and Milania Giudice, but there isn’t much clarity on where things stand between the cousins now that their parents’ relationships are mostly nonexistent.