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The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have watched Melissa Gorga feud with her sister-in-law and co-star Teresa Giudice on the Bravo show for years. Here’s what Gorga said is the biggest “misconception” about her relationship with Giudice and where they stand today.

"RHONJ" stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga smile and pose together at an event.
Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

‘RHONJ’ stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s ongoing feud has lasted years

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga have a turbulent relationship that started long before they appeared together on RHONJ. Gorga is married to Giudice’s younger brother, Joe, and many of their family feuds have been caught on camera for the Bravo show.

In August 2022, Gorga shared an Instagram post teasing a new episode of her On Display podcast titled “Let It Go (w/ Joe Gorga).” In the preview, she explained why she and Joe did not attend Giudice’s wedding on Aug. 6.

“Joe and I have made a very big decision, and we’re still feeling this way and this is what we have decided,” the RHONJ star said. “Sometimes, when things are too toxic, and you try over and over and over again, and it just keeps coming back around to the same thing, that it’s just sometimes even if it’s family, you have to let it go.”

Gorga captioned the post, “There is power in walking away from something that is toxic.”

Melissa Gorga revealed the biggest ‘misconception’ about her feud with Teresa Giudice

Gorga recently opened up about her feud with Giudice during a live interview with Good Day New York. She said there is one big “misconception” about her relationship with her sister-in-law.

“That fact that I’m not a bridesmaid. It’s so much more than that,” Gorga told Rosanna Scotto on the show. “There was a lot going on behind the scenes to potentially try to hurt my marriage.”

The RHONJ star also called the feud a “tale as old as time” but said, “I really do want to move forward.”

Gorga shared that trying to keep the peace between her husband and Giudice has taken a toll.  “I always feel like I try to keep them together as much as possible… It’s hard sometimes… [Teresa and Louie] get the kids involved; he gets insulted … He doesn’t want to fake it.” 


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The ‘RHONJ’ stars could not reconcile before the wedding

Giudice married Luis Ruelas in New Jersey in August. She was previously married to Joe Giudice, who appeared on several seasons of RHONJ.

People reported that the Gorgas did not attend Giudice’s wedding due to an “unforgivable betrayal.” The family allegedly had a blowout fight just days before the event. “Teresa betrayed them in a way that’s unforgivable,” an insider revealed. “They’re not going to celebrate Teresa’s new marriage when all she does is try to tear apart theirs.”

The source added, “It’s telling that Teresa didn’t have one relative at her wedding. But that’s the choice Teresa made.”

In a March episode of her On Display podcast, Gorga said she hadn’t expected to be Giudice’s bridesmaid. “Yes, I watched Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and I did find out on TV that I’m not gonna be in Teresa’s wedding and I’m not a bridesmaid, which I’m OK with, I’m fine with,” she said (per Distractify). “I understand, to each their own.”